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How Do Yall Smoke While Riding Deep

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by litterlife69, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Idk if theres a thread on this but i was just wondering when yall blades smoke in a car with a couple friends , do yall leave up the windows and hot box while driving or roll all the windows down and blow the smoke out? To me that's kind of sketch to hot box while driving. But tell me what yall do
  2. Neither, driving and smoking is just asking for trouble opie
  3. i think if you are going to drive a car you should be focused on driving not on smoking or talking on the phone or anything but driving cus when you crash you are almost never the only person to be hurt
  4. It is pretty sketch.. you'd probably be better off pulling over somewhere and getting out and smoking, it ain't too good to have the smell of burned weed lingering in your car.
  5. Ya true but I doubt a blunt going around is a distraction to driving
  6. I only hotbox at night, to hot during the day, especially with multiple heads.
  7. right, cuz you dont have to pass it

    anyways hotbox in the winter and fall....but never when its 80 degrees out.
  8. If you are driving, then just drive. Don't worry about smoking. The only way the driver shouldn't be too distracted is if a jay is passed, and even then I think it's best to duck a bit to avoid it being in plain sight.
    If you are parked, just lay low and spot to see if anyone is watching you (odds are they aren't though because they should be focused on the road!)
  9. The only safe spot to smoke pot in Los Angeles would be the car pool freeway change ramps. 1 way and only 1 lane. The interchange from I-5 to CA 55 is about 5 miles long. It's a safe place to toke up on the road. Otherwise, I would be too paranoid about the conservative sheeple that would use a cell phone to report you and your car licence for smoking and driving.
  10. Uhh I'm in Houston haha
  11. If it's anything like austin, or hell here next to dallas, your good. I smoke everywhere I go, and now that the storms have kinda passed I've got the top down and tunes up
  12. i dont smoke in the car anymore, got a DUI over that shit.
    when i did, hotbox on cold days, windows down when it's nice/hot out.
  13. I smoke while driving daily never had a problem..... Except one time I dropped the blunt then had to pull over and find it lol
  14. My question is what if your pulled over by the cops but you eat the blunt/joint without him noticing and deny you are under the influence? Could he come up with any charges ?
  15. Haha sounds like my friend that dropped the blunt out the window when he was ashing it in the drive thru
  16. Unless they have proof you were under the influence, I.e. failed field sobriety, actually caught while smoking, or even just a roach, can land a D.U.I.D, here in tx. If they catch you eating it, or with crumbs in your mouth, it's a possible, but almost certain Distruction or Tampering of Evidence. Other than that, no proof no crime.
  17. no but they can hassle the shit out of you and try every dirty cop trick in the book to search your car, and then charge you for that 0.1g they might find in the carpet.  pretty sure they can also give you a sobriety test.  the one thing about smoking is that they cant test you on the spot (at least when i got caught they didnt, i got brought to the jail and then they requested i give them a piss sample, but i was given the option to refuse)
  18. Me and my homies never drive while smoking but if we do we just roll a front and back window down... and keep the blunt low so only we know whats being smoked.
  19. Same here. It was a horrible experience that cost tons of money and ruined my 19th birthday.
    Anyways that was almost 2 years ago an I have learned to safely smoke in the car since then. I know safe zones, and danger areas very well. Because I live in the mountains there are tons of backroads where the chanve of seeing a cop is slim, and if they do see you they wont fuck with you unless your doing something crazy. My college is 30 minutes away and it is a highway drive and I know every spot that cops hide at from driving this everyday.
    So basically, learn what areas are safe and which ones are not, regulate the smell of the car with hidden air fresheners, and obey all traffic rules so there is no reason to get pulled in the first place.
    and you're worried about them? LOL the cops are never going to take someone seriously when they call and say "I saw someone smoking WEED in a black cadillac escalade; their license number is __________." just.... no hahaa they will not track down a mystery vehicle because they might find somebody smoking a lil bit of herb. you're being paranoid man!

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