How do we, the U.S. Get back in the game?

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  1. How do we get the U.S. back in the game? We are in incredible financial debt and being so makes US weak. So how do we get back out of debt and become a financial powerhouse and once again a world superpower because with financial instability, it makes us weak.  So how o we get out of this massive financial hole our government dug. BUILD and move into the FUTURE! We need to expand and build ourselves. What we build is our infrastructure, without it, the stuff we buy off of GC will not take 3-5 business days, but weeks. How can UPS or FEDEX get to our homes without the INTERSTATES.    
    Image of Interstates
    interstates and highways are like the blood veins in our bodies that keeps everything alive. Commerce flows among these lines. Increasing the amount of these interstates would make us stronger. Goods could be shipped to closer destinations and by increasing the amount of highways, it would allow big trucks to stay on the fast moving interstate so goods could be sent more directly to a destination reducing the amount of diesel making the trip less expensive. Multiply by the thousands and businesses are saving millions and you the customers save billions creating cash flow in the country. If you expand these interstates and highways you need more land. If the government buys the land at a fair price, you have these people with more money to spend so why wouldn't they open up a business like a gas station to where they generate commerce. Let's not stop there, since all these places that will spring up along the highway will be new, why not push these places into the FUTURE. Renewable energy should be greatly looked into to BUILD our nation and make it a beacon for others to turn too. If we push renewable energy into our FUTURE, then we would be a cleaner nation. and since renewable energy saves money over time, we would be saving our investments that we made to push renewable energy. If we do renewable energy on a national level, this area could be looked into and enhanced to fit our demands. Take this for an example:
    With wind turbines creating 3 times more energy, you need 1/3 of the land normally used: saving money. (I also have comment on that thread criticizing wind turbines, but dont mind it, i like to argue). This is just one example, and as we save money we spend making cash flow among the country and slowly taking the U.S. out of debt. To even further get ourselves out of debt we could sell this new technology we have (RENEWABLE ENERGY) to other countries that may spend hundreds of billions if not trillions to update themselves and save money. Since we have  money we can also loan money out to other nations making us richer. If these countries default because of their debt we simply take them over and make them our bitch because in our corporate world, We don't need war to take over places, just money and power through debt. Just a reminder, we are approaching 14.5 trillion dollars in debt so we may become someone  else's bitch. We the people need to act on this because we are not the US government's bitch. The U.S. government is our bitch "Created FOR the people, BY the people". Why should we the people suffer from the same people WE elected to represent us that spend us out control and ruin us. It is a time where we, the people, stand up for ourselves and get what we want with the help of our government. WE can do this my friends, because we are US of A.
    So High ;)
  2. I think the whole world should destroy every building, then build small houses and little shops and stuff and grow crops and hunt. Like amish people. But we would be more chill. And people could just walk around with blunts in there mouths all day and just work and come home and eat and enjoy life. But that's not gonna happen I just like to have those kinda thoughts in my head when I'm high. Point is fuck power over the world
  3. In all honesty it all went downhill after JFK and our journey to the moon, which was out last great accomplishment.
  4. Get rid of Obama and the financial tycoon elitists who control everything? Or to put it another way, elect Ron Paul.
  5. Get money moving in America. Bring jobs back from overseas and pay even the lower level employees what they're worth, instead of doing everything as cheaply as possible so a few can be rich. Create jobs in the infrastructure, etc. like the OP said. Close the gap between rich and poor and put everyone to work. Twenty percent of the population in the US owns eighty-five percent of the wealth. That means four out of five Americans, people like you and me, are sharing fifteen percent of the wealth in the US. Wtf is up with that? We now have generations of families who've been on welfare and sucking the system dry on social programs. Even if they wanted to work, which they no longer do because they've lost all self esteem and self worth, they couldn't earn enough to support themselves. Suppose minimum wage went up to $15 an hour, and even higher in places where needed. Now the 35 yr old mother who is only educationally capable of working on an assembly line, can now work and actually earn enough to live. Do you know how good that makes a person feel? But of course big business isn't going to want to pay their lowest employees that kind of money. I say tough shit. Do it for America. Who the hell needs $400,000 a year just to live good? Give up the greed and equal things out a bit. Give everyone a chance to earn money, spend money and pay taxes.

  6. My point wasnt to take over the world, it was an example, we the US are in the shit hole that i said our country would be able to take over. The world we live in today is a corporate world. People no longer spend what they have, they borrow on credit, this caused the Great Depression and it also plays into the recession we are in today. For every dollar the US government spends, 60 cents is borrowed while 40 cents us paid for by US, the tax payers. China is in a golden age because we are in thee shit hole, WE are China's bitch. We must get out of this financial crisis because it is killing US. People think the U.S. cant fall, WE are on the verge of collapse, the US as we know may no longer be if we do not act.
  7. Maybe we all as humans should abolish the idea of nations and nationalism and return to a localized community-centered lifestyle
  8. But US is still IN the game...

  9. GREED

    The American Dream has its flaws, people argue that not everyone has an equal opprotunity, it may not be equal but everyone does have an opprotunity to be successful, only those who care about their future chase their dreams though. The flaw is not opprotunity, its the shadow it casts on US, we measure our success in terms of wealth, the wealthier the more successful. This philosophy is where the flaw lies. This ideal about success being rated on the amount of money invokes GREED. People just want more money. Take Madoff for example, he f**ked over millions of people. Why? GREED! So then it becomes a question of legality, if you want to build wealth, do it legally. Money brings power. Who do you think is in the US Government? The rich and wealthy, now how easy would it be to make money legally if you have to power to change or create laws.
    Do you see now how the American Dream is flawed?
    If you cant do it legally, change the law,
    The result:
    They get richer and we get power.
    A very basic representaion of the Constitution is like this:
    "The US Government is our bitch, we the people are not the Government's bitch"
    Why should we get poorer while the rich get richer at our expense.
    The Constitution protected us from that, but noe people say its outdated, its not, the Constitution is Timeless like Shakespeare. Our Founding Fathers are genius. The Government has gone away and abandoned the Constitution making it seem outdated, the Constitution states that the majority rules, and in order to make a decision, 60% of congress had to agree, now the US does simply majority, 50/50, that is ILLEGAL, how can we let this shit happen. We must stand, that bullshit about the right to "Bear Arms". Do you know why the fathers put that in the Constitution, to "overthrow an oppressive government". How easy would it have been for the US to take over us if they said we couldn't have guns, makes sense now why people pushed for it by saying guns kill people and all that BS, no they wanted to control US. Educate yourselves my friends, we must see throught the bullshit and save our country.
    Side note:
    Remember the elections were the black panthers discouraged people from voting in the US. That was a federal offense and a big one at that, prosecutors were near ready to go to court when Obama said to hault the prosecution for fear of racism. WTF!!!! What they did was illegal on all accounts and they drop the case, WTF!!! Educate yourselves the Government has its flaws and the WE need to fix them
  10. have the people with the money SPREAD THE WEALTH

    selfish fuckers
  11. have the people with no money WORK HARD AND MAKE WISER CHOICES

    lazy fuckers
  12. America must unite and fight the Chinese to stay in the game.
  13. we dissolve, each state becomes a nation, all the boarders slightly change based strictly on geography.

    i dont care if we get back in the game, it would just be a cool change, even if it were only a day.

  14. How?
    If we would go into war on a global scale like that which is brewing in the middle east, how would we possibly stand a chance, 14.5 trillion in debt! How do you pay for a WW3, you dont, you lose. We lose. Russia is in an alliance with te most middle eastern countries. The recent uprisings for democracy, was that really what it was for? Yes, they wanted democracy and who came to help with billions, US. Do yoy know what they, the Middle East want, and END to US. They want every single American dead and guess what? We are paying for it. Now thr middle east also has our Blood... OIL, Russia, China, and the Middle East could wreck our shit any day, and sense were in the middle east right now its causing tensions so yes a third WW could be on its way and what a perfect time, were trillions in debt
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    it takes cheap energy...that is all america needs and that is what we are offering.

    and inexhaustible, perpetual, nonpolluting source of continuous electricty...and for our offer, we get stalked, lied on, property destroyed or stolen...and now we are not so agreeable.

    anything short of what we offer will only delay the inevitable downfall...making it even harder when it hits bottom.

    we have the way, we showed the code, the math proves itself...

    it is the ONLY thing that will save america's economy...but instead of being thankful, they wish to act hostile and we are forced to act accordingly...america can be broken, we can not.
  16. Build up strong, sustainable small businesses. The backbone of America's economy is made up of manufacturers and farmers;
    not lawyers and doctors.
    Though, those are both honorable and necessary professions.

  17. GREEd, why the hell would they want to spread the wealth, we need to take them out of the Gov and re-establish it on the foundamentals we got from the constitution.
  18. Don't worry, the good guys never lose.
  19. My question is, why do we have to be a superpower? The world doesn't need superpowers, it needs a society that helps itself as well as others and doesn't try to be a dominant force in world politics and economics. We dont have to be the protector or the role model for the world. Each civilization should be able to govern itself and live the way it wants to without interference and judgement. If a country becomes too powerful, it tends to try to globalize and turn the whole planet into a copy of itself. That means that if one doesn't like the way they're being governed, they can't simply move to another country to find a better life. Everywhere will be the same.

    The US doesn't have to lead the world. We can make an example just by solving OUR problems as best we can and living as freely and as right as possible. If other countries want Sharia law and to let their religions govern them, or want to be in any way different from what WE consider to be the "right" way to live, then so be it. That's what freedom means. Isn't that what we are supposed to stand for?

    Think about it.;)
  20. Get back in the game?
    We need to get out of the game!

    This worldwide game of monopoly that runs off blood money, lies and fucking life up has to stop... and it will!

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