How Do We Honor Them?

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    It’s a potentially harmful move to give recognition to individuals because invariably someone gets left out and gets their feelings a bit jilted. I hope I do not do this by this post but rather I wish to inspire others to share their sources of inspiration. So, please don’t rip on me for forgetting to mention someone, rather join me in paying tribute to those you respect and give thanks to for sharing their knowledge with us.

    I post this here but it could easily be posted in the Advanced section as well.

    I didn’t know jack about organic gardening until I stumbled onto this forum seeking answers to questions I had trying to nurture an indoor basement grow in the winter time when outside temps were zero and below. Can you imagine? It was only after reading through some rather amazing and knowledgeable posts that I began to get a grasp on “things” and then started to research more information for myself. The journey continues for me and the pursuit of my “incomplete education” into the world of organics gardening. Anything that I profess to know today is in someway attributable to these folks if not by direct knowledge that they shared with me then by the spawning of my curiosity to go and seek knowledge myself. I am grateful to each and every one.

    There are surely many knowledgeable people that I have overlooked and left out of this list and this is not by design nor intended to be disrespectful. Please post anyone’s nom-de-guerre that you feel has educated you, inspired you, and made you a better grower today than when you started out.

    Here is a list of my favorites listed alpha and not in order of priority. Thank you to each of you for educating and inspiring me in some way or another.

    Peace and much respect to you all.

    ChunkDaddyo, btc2112, clos3tgrow3r, Corto Malteze, Dankohzee, DirtyViperMan, gdaddypurp21, guerilla45, jiggaboojones, LBH, lessismore, LumperDawgz, MXGrowr, OldPork, oldskoolgrower, patriofarmer, rumpleforeskin, Sextutor, Smoove, SupaNovaD9
  2. I've had pretty much the same experience as you, and I think I've learned at least one thing from every one of those guys too. So thanks guys, yall some good peoples.
  3. I'm humbled an honored to be listed here along with these esteemed GC folks and thank you Possum for the kind words. I too, have found my way as you have through the kindness and knowledge that the myriad of selfless community members have shown me.

    When I first became a member, I too was on a mission to learn, and found solace here with the incredible knowledge base. A few folks that haven't yet been mentioned yet that have helped me along the way are as follows: jcj77, ocitown, _numb_, toastybiz, AugustWest, ElDiablo, NewGrowNy, Medicine Al, myles117, Budslinger and ricard0.

    I'm sure there will be more that come to mind, and I will update this thread when they do. Thanks again Possum and a great thread to pay tribute to those that have impacted our grow experiences.


  4. Thanks for jumping in Chunk. Ya know, for me it's just all about giving a bit of recognition where recognition is due. Paying respect and giving thanks. The kindness, patience, and knowledge sharing is just a beautiful thing to me. I've never read a published book that has any more useful information in it on growing than that which can be found here on GC. And I read a LOT!

    I feel the only way our culture will ever be able to come out of the closet is to just keep on growing and passing the good word and knowledge down to others as we move through life's time line. I haven't seen any instance of chest thumping by anyone that posts their pics and advice rather just some kind folk sharing their knowledge and being humbly proud of what they accomplish. It's a beautiful thing.

    IDK. It's really the only way this war will ever be won IMO.

    Thanks again rock man!!!
  5. +1

    I don't post much(still learning) but everyone you two have named and then some have changed my way of thinking and growing. I'm happy to be doing my first all organic and pleased to find a place like this to helping others. Keep up the great work:hello:
  6. I'd like to express my personal gratitude to all those listed in enlightening me to learn and apply their knowledge in all my agricultural endeavors. Without their generous, hard-earned contributions I'd still be mentally wandering around with a half-baked notion of organic growing. Special kudos to all who recommended Teaming with Microbes.
  7. I want to thank everyone in the forum for lifting the fog and helping me to not just grow a plant but to nourish life, above and below the soil line. Not to just love the plants but to care for all of the symbiotic relationships between fauna and other life.

    Also, a big thank you to everyone for creating a scholarly atmosphere of debate and inquiry, free of judgement or ridicule.

    I'm with Madodah too, a definite thanks for introducing me to "Teaming with Microbes"

    Thanks for being so damn cool everybody!:metal:
  8. i'm compelled to second the sentiment of this thread. :D

    there are seriously so many people on here who clearly know a lot about growing, and who demonstrate their abilities over and over again. from time spent coming to these forums to learn about growing, so many of the names that have been listed have become equal in my mind to any name i've come across in a textbook.

    keep on keepin on, grass city! :bongin:

  9. Possum,

    I'm sure I don't belong on that list but am greatful for the thought. The list above is def some of the best growers out there. Here's a few to add/relist.

    Lumperdawgz is probably "The most interesting man on earth", and certainly one of the smartest. Thought I knew a thing or two about a thing or two until coming across his posts, a while back. Reading his stuff and talking shop with him about soil, produce, and life in general was like talking to the best uncle ever. I miss that dude immensely.
    Chunkydaddyo, and Ocitown are the two guys I have read the most of lately...two great organic minds! If you read August's thread you got to check out Sergio's, as much finely grown buds as you care to see between them. Unoit, and GanjaGuru have some great vegetable gardens that they share. I wish there was more of that here. There are so many more, I'm sure they will get listed.

    Last but not least this new guy Possum has been putting up some seriously introspective posts around that go a bit deeper sometimes, life is a bit more than growing and smoking. Sometimes.
  10. wow , i'm supprised to see my name up there , thanx possum . i am glad to have helped you . i am still very much like you in terms of our quest to be better gardeners. i enjoy our chats with all the peeps on that list n more. lumper was a somethin else from a different time imho . the breif time i chatted with him he was a true old schooler with a waterfall of info. its too bad he isnt around anymore . some things he's said i will never forget. i have a high level of informative respect for many people on here n most are on that list . some i have taken to beyond growing and enjoy this forum for those reasons. i m a member to other forums but this one has groups of good people who seem to bring out the best in growing to me. its those people on that list and people like them that make you n me keep come n back . you can only read so many of the same posts askin the same questions before you stop wasting your time . i am glad to have met you possum . your a stand up guy and i wish ya the best, not just in growing but , everything.
  11. Have to apologise to start as bad with names but the ones off top of my head would be AUGUSTWEST, BUDSLINGER, YODASCAVE(is this the same person) RUMPLE, fantastic how 2's

    To all those not mentioned but read my thanks go out to you, for with out your sharing i would still be having to buy rubbish weed(is compared to my own)

    Have now done 3grows in total so far and though way off from perfect i know i can grow weed, next step on the journey is aim for quantity and quality, which with the help of ppl on here i am sure wont be taking me to long

    Prob best way to say thanks though is to contribute to the site, for a donation of less than the price of a book or dvd you will have at hand more info than any one person could possibly use :wave:
  12. Alright, let's see...

    Although in my search for knowledge about growing cannabis, I absorbed every bit of info I could from anyone experienced enough to give it, the individuals I learned (and still learn) the most from are:

    Jim Dunlop

    And thank you for making this thread! :wave:

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