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How do vapors know when they're weed is done?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by kjkjogoug, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. So basically how do you guys know when the weed is rid of most cannabanoids? It basically all looks the same at the end so how can you really tell?
  2. the darker towards black the herb gets, the less and less potent the herb becomes
  3. The taste.
  4. Taste.

    But also, if you keep trying to vape weed that's already done, it just stops producing vapor.
  5. it all depends,

    Visible vapor is not always an indicator as you can still get some effects after the puffs are gone.

    as said before the darker the bud, the less thc and cbd's there are.

    When mine loses that skunky odor and starts to smell like burned popcorn is when i stop.

    Plus the lighter the weed, the more you can do with the leftover vaped weed. I've made iso hash, cannabutter and a glycerine tincture with my vaped weed....


  6. Yeah man, that's gotta be pretty cool. Every three months or so you can make edibles or something with your vaped weed. I kinda want a MFLB now... do you find the high better than actually smoking it? I've a lot of people saying vaping is a different high that isn't as good, lmk!

  7. ....while many will say that it's better.

  8. it's definitely a different feeling of high, especially when you first start with the Vape.. it's a cleaner high and comes on a bit slower.. You aren't going to get that same feeling as you get from a massive bong rip, but i like it better actually..

    I sit in my living room slowly sipping on my vapor whip getting high as a kite..

    also a lot of people don't take the time to really let the vapor high sit in before passing judgement.... but man... I've been hooked ever since starting on my first vape (iolite)... and this is coming from a pack a day cig smoker and almost exclusive spliff smoker...

    i quit tobacco a year ago and haven't looked back ever since.


  9. I bought my Silver Surfer a couple days ago for 300 with custom pieces at a headshop, SO WORTH IT. Vaping is a huge change from smoking I'd say, since I used to just rip the bong and smoke blunts all day and get demolished every time. With vaping, you don't feel as heavy and slow, but everything is kinda just more enjoyable off of a vape. The come down isn't bad at all either, because if you vaporize in the morning by the time night comes around you still feel ready to go, even if you have been vaping all day (i've waked/baked with my friends and they make it through the day too lol). Also, less weed for better high. Yeup.
  10. it's definitely a different feeling of high, especially when you first start with the Vape.i think so,[​IMG]
  11. It's a slightly different high, and it is as good as smoking and IMO it's better.
  12. The high is very different at first and honestly a little hard to get used to. For the first two weeks or three weeks after receiving my vape by mail I had stopped smoking in order to adjust to the vape high. At first the high may not seem as enjoyable but keep Vaping for weeks or months and you'll start to enjoy it more than smoking, especially because of the easy come down. As mentioned earlier, you can wake and bake and make it through the day without feeling groggy or sleepy. Also, the high feels more clean and pure rather than a heavy fade from a fat rip of the bong.
  13. Yeah I agree, I've not had mine long but I love it.
    I prefer to fill up a few bags to using the whip though because I can guage how much I've been using so I don't just get cabbaged.
  14. It's, as said, a different high. I started with the MFLB, and as I talked with more people online I suckered up and bout a Da Buddha. Man was that worth the money. I almost never use my MFLB anymore since I got a working power inverter in my car. Only for when I wanna vape but can't take the time to get out my DBV. :D

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