how do u post pictures?

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  1. whats the easiest way to post up a picture, im havin trouble figuring it out, lol, sorry. o and i wasnt sure where to ask this question so sorry if its in the wrong spot
  2. hit reply> go advanced> manage attachments. browse and find your picture and hit upload , then reply when the upload is complete. DONE.
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    If I read ^^^ right this should produce a giant spider that attacked as I labored in my garage.

    Now- does the next picture appear above or below these words?

    aha- I think it worked, and I understand the uploading of pics now. Thanks!

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  4. holy HELL! that thing is vicious. Where do you live!!
  5. Good god, I would NOT be getting close to that thing.
  6. I didn't mean to hijack this thread with the spider show here but, I'll post one more for effect. By the way, if you click on the second pic in the post above and look at the fangs, you can see drops of venom dripping down each one.

    By the way greenie this in the midwest. These guys (gals, usually) are really pretty nice. I messed with this one for 5 mins before it went into attack mode.

    Late, Mech

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