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  1. Ok i got the champ ph tester, and at first it was doing great but my calibration adjuster got ALL out of wac

    so now when i use the 7.0 and the 4.0 calibration liquid to calibrate it, its always off.

    like right now it says like 14.1 or some thing like that well when u adjust it it will only take it down like 3.0 points so if its 14.1 itll only take it down to like 11.1

    and when i try to use the 4.0 calibration fluid itll just get it down to like a 7.3 or something like that im really confused and i lost my directions, so is there any way i can do this to get it back calibrated the correct way???

    thanks alot!!!
  2. One of the reasons I never bother - no worries!!
  3. yep definetly confusing but does anyone know how i can calibrate it to give me the correct ph now, cause its all out of wac my god

    what the hell???
  4. Let the probe sit in the 7.0 solution for 24 hours, then try to calibrate it.

    If the problem still persists than the probe probably needs to be replaced or you need to purchase a new meter. Champ meters are crap IMHO.

    The probe needs to stay moist, I used to store my meters in a cup of 7.0 solution until I was ready to use them.

    Here are the meters I use now. Very pricey but I don't have time to play games with these other meters anymore. LOL

    IQ128 ISFET pH Tester Non-Glass Advance Electrode - IQ128

    Extech PH100 and PH110 pH Meters -

    Here's one I recommend, I had mine for almost 3 years before I had to replace the probe. Excellent meter.. stick it in the solution, push a button and it's calibrated. WD-35634-10 pH Tester 10 - WD-35634-10 and it STAYS calibrated. :)
  5. thanks flower gurl, actually i did order a 156 dollar ph tester with a temp guage and all that looked real similar to the one in the recommended ph tester pic that u sent to me

    thanks for the links to again by the way

    how ever i did get my champ to work, and its back to normal but im gonna use it as a back up to my new ph tester, it was the same coclor as the one u sent in the pic but the one i got has like 3 models like the ???10 the ???20 and the ???30 the ? marks are cause i cant remeber what its called and im to lazy to get up and look, but any way i got the 30 and im hoping that its like the one u sent me, and it only needs calibrated 1 time

    it comes in a case and everything so im hoping thatll really help me out of my lil hopefully ph problem that i have in my flowering room

    hey flower girl if u get a min can u check out my grow diary and tell me what u think the leafs are telling me in the flowering room

    im hoping they are not root bound cause the lower leafs look fine but the top leafs are starting to look really crappy

    they are in small pots i hope thats not the prob man!!!

    do they make 1 gallon or 2 gallon square flower pots if thats my problem???

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    Hey FlowerGirl - or any one with knowlege of this meter - is this a decent meter [ame=""][​IMG][/ame]

    [ame=""]Checker®1pH tester (model #HI 98103)[/ame]

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