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How do u guys take out stems and seeds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tommy toke alot, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. I take out the big stems then the seeds then the small stems from the big stem but those are a hastle do u guys bother taking them out or do u just grind em up with you weed
  2. we buy weed without seeds :p

    if you're getting a lot of stemmy, seedy bud what I would suggest is leave it all out in a newspaper to dry for a day or 2 and then just crumble and grind it all using your hands (just take a bunch of nug and crush it between your hands, it should be dry enough to crumble) and then later clear out all the seeds and stuff and you'll be left with a smokable mix
  3. literally never gotten a seed in a bag in my life...
  4. Don't leave it on a newspaper though, it can soak up the ink I think.
  5. Dude what no. It wont suck up the ink, especially if they're dry as fuck mids. OP, you're doing it right.
  6. I haven't seen a seed in my bud for 3 years now.. My roommate did luck out and found a lovely seed in some Blue Dream.
  7. [quote name='"ProfessorTHC22"']I haven't seen a seed in my bud for 3 years now.. My roommate did luck out and found a lovely seed in some Blue Dream.[/quote]

    Isn't that a weird feeling? When you're breaking up dank and find like one seed? Only happened to me once, and I was like "Huh, that's weird..."
  8. ahh seeds & stems. this reminds me of my old daze.

    now i only pickup quality, so i dont have to worry about it.
  9. Well, it's just that if you start smoking dank, you might get a little spoiled by it haha. :smoke:
  10. i wouldn't say i am spoiled from the dank.

    i have just realized why smoke and entire blunt to be high for 45 minutes,
    when i can take a snap of dank and be higher for longer.

    its common sense.
  11. That too. It all comes down to the money. Well, the money and the people you know.
  12. in my shwag days I would roll the buds on my finger and mad seeds would fall out. as for the stems you.just gotta pull them out. back in the day we used to throw a oz in a magic bullet and grind it all up seeds and stems Idk how we did it but we got high
  13. i usually grind it all up stems and all and smoke out of a bong
  14. [quote name='"dailyytoker"']i usually grind it all up stems and all and smoke out of a bong[/quote]

    It'd taste better if you picked the stems and seeds out.

  15. itd taste EVEN BETTER if he was just smoking dank.

  16. When I can't get any dank I get some mids and I usually just take out all the big stems and all the seeds and not worry too much about the little ones. I agree with ckycampmember about the dank high being longer lasting and it is much more enjoyable compared to the mids I get. I mainly get mids to roll with because I don't like putting dank in a J or blunt because it just seems like a waste since I can get pretty high off a couple bong rips.
  17. not when you only have small ass stems and no seeds ive de stemmed mine and smoked it and ive smoked ground stem and all and i barely notice a difference. no matter how much weed i get i dont waste any part of the plant if they contain thc/cbc or i could use them in making hash

  18. i almost always get dank i very rarely settle for anything lower. if it aint dank i wont get it unless im completely out or picking up for a friend
  19. Ha... I will never take my beautiful bud from Colorado for granted. Stemless seedless everytime no doubt about it!

  20. If you smoke 20 dollars of dank which is 1g where I live you are not going to be high for an hour and 30 minutes you will be high for 5-6 hours.

    Mids taste like garbage, are seedy and stemmy, give a crap high, and can even give people headaches--me included.

    I don't get why you're the defender of mids. If you had enough money for good dank you wouldn't be buying mids.

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