how do u get those userbars

Discussion in 'General' started by blueberry_boi, May 28, 2006.

  1. ive been lookin around on peoples sig and alot of them those userbar thing and i was just wondering if anybody could tell me how to get one
  2. they cost $10 a bar but you can get a package of 8 for $50 for a better deal
  3. ..Or you could just make them.
  4. but how do u make them
  5. lol, they don't cost anything, they're free, just go on and copy the url link.
  6. they cannot be a link to the userbars site if i remember correctly, so they have to be edited in some way
  7. ohh yeah, your right. I saved the bars and uploaded them to photobucket and copied and pasted the image tags

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