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How do u get over these high-side effects?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BuddahLova23, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. wussup GC.
    so i get extreme cotton mouth (not like bubbling up and dying.. just gets really bad+i need to drink or eat something sweet to get my mouth to regenerate saliva)

    and sometimes it's hard for me to talk properly. (talking @ a normal volume, pronouncing words correctly, and thinking of things to talk about)

    also, my memory is pretty bad.

    any suggestions??
    ps-wen i smoke, i usually limit myself to 1-3 hits a day.(usually 1 session)
  2. haha strange, I dont know anyone who has any trouble talking after they smoke. haha that sounds kinda funny.

    anyway, I'm sure it will go away once you get more accustomed to smoking. as for the cotton mouth... theres not really anyway around that. Just have some water nearby and ull be set. Also nice to have the water for people who get a little gully and take a biger hit then they can handle :).
  3. The having a hard time talkin probably comes from the cottonmouth, same thing happens with me. Just wet the whistle and you should be good to go.
  4. lol gandhi is exactly right about the difficulty that cotton mouth adds to my voice.
    lol i can still talk! juss not as loud+ it takes effort.. i dont turn into a mute or anything..
    water dusnt realy do the trick cuz it tastes horrible for sum reason..
  5. Your just high? Drink something. I wish I had stuff that would do that to me after 3 hits. These are things that happen to everybody. Varying on people. And I dont really have a memory anymore. Everything in the past is just a blur to me.
  6. Yeah water tastes weird to me too. What i usually get is some nice cold grapes or some gatorade or somethin like that, pop usually tastes nasty too for me.
  7. If I cough at all or take too big of a hit, drinking water makes me gag.

    Almost everyones memory is bad when they are high, just enjoy it.
  8. Yeah man, If I smoke a lot I get the cottons like crazy. It's really hard to carry on a conversation when my mouth feels like a sandpaper desert.
  9. maybe your so high u cant talk haha


    just drink water wit it after every hit i guess?
  10. You need some faygo man
  11. YEA!!!!! Faygo is the shit!!!

    Same here. I need about 7-10 hits before im stoned. And i also hav e horrible memory unless i see/read/ or hear about something related to it and i remember it clearly.......wierd.
  12. i love it when im so stoned i hear what i am saying but with like a slower eco quite noise and you get the feeling everyone is hearing it too.
  13. Haha me too, but whatever..
  14. the best way to get over the "high-side effects" is to simply not smoke haha.

    well besides that-a tolerance build is always nice. i know plenty of people who've smoked them self to the point where their personality etc etc isnt really changed by smoking.

    its all a mind game. i know sometimes when im high i talk a bit different

    IE: "hey"-when im not high "heeeeeyy maaaaaaan"-when i am high

    just catch yourself before you start speaking strange, its only pot-having full control of your speaking/thinking shouldn't be that hard

  15. dude you said GULLY!
  16. I sometimes talk to low when I'm high too, and I don't even notice.. it sucks lol, only when I'm feelin' uncomfortable though
  17. FAYGO! rocks! hahaha
  18. rock the 40oz, it'll kill your cotton mouth in no time, or have some other liquid handy. I try to always have some sort of drink with me when I'm blazing, helps for coughing fits and cotton mouth. I used to have the talking problem when I started smoking, it goes away with practice.
  19. Cotton Mouth = Bio-Tene.

    All the it's all just part of the smoke

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