How do those lil cockrings they got at cvs and walmart work?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by cnote1239, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. just curious, if they're worthwhile i'll pick one up and use it on valentines day with my gf but if they're crap i'll just skip it.
  2. Which ones? The vibrating ones? If so, I didn't really enjoy it. It's really only strong enough to vibrate the base of your cock, and if you can't fit the whole way in your girl it's kinda pointless.

    It was just a nuisance to me. If it's just a straight cock ring then what can go wrong?
  3. i was thinking of one of those vibrating ones. well if it's a nuisance i'll just take it off, anyone else try em?
  4. They can be fun, and you don't have to wear it if it feels weird, just take it off and use it with your hands :D
  5. My girl loves it. I dont feel much off of it but I dont think they were made for guys pleasure lol.
  6. Only get them from walmart, CVS, Happy Harry's, ect are SOOOOOO expensive [at least here they are].

    For example, I saw a box of REGULAR lubricated Condoms [it was a 24 pack] for 22 dollars at Happy Harry's once, where a 24 pack of VARIETY condoms at Walmart was 8 dollars.

    The Vibrating ones are EXTREMELY expensive at places like Rite Aid, Ect. Those are like 7-8 bucks a for ONE condom.
  7. so walmart sells cockrings eh?

  8. yup, you know they'll be first in line to sell weed when its legal.
  9. i got one of those trojan ones that comes with a condom and my girl like it. I went to a sex shop and got a REAL good one. It's a little silicone bunny that comes with a little bullet vibrator that can be attached to the cock ring. It's relatively strong, and the bunny ears hit her clit when we're fucking. She loves it. It gives me a different sensation too, but we don't use it too often. She just likes it sometimes.
  10. just buy a big ole battery operated tally whacker and double stuff her.

  11. she's opposed to anal sadly. just picked up this durex ring at walmart. fuckin good deal. like 4 single use things of lube, 4 condoms and a ring for like 6.30 fuckin... even if the ring sucks it's still not a shitty deal.

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