How do they put pegs in a wood grinder?

Discussion in 'General' started by Brendaan420, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. I want to carve a wooden grinder but dont know how id put the pegs in or where to get them/what to use for them?
  2. If I had to guess some wooden dowels would work. Drill a hole the same size as the dowel in your base, cover the bottom of the dowel in wood glue, tap the dowel in with a hammer.

  3. oh true thanks, im thinking of metal pegs though maybe ill cut up thin nails then do that
  4. Nails will not set in near as hard as wood when only driven in the small amount you are going to drive them in. Cant hurt to try though, give that a shot and if they start fallin out just drill out your nail holes a little bigger and glue in the wood pegs.
  5. My grinder just has small metal pegs glued into holes.
  6. You do know they sell metal grinders for 10-20$, a trip to the store and back shouldn't take less than an hour...
  7. Props for making your own grinder.
  8. The guy wants to carve one from wood... I'm sure he's quite aware of the option to buy one.
  9. Thanks for the input guys im going to start making it tomorrow, ill let you guys know how it turns out
  10. Making your own shit is cool.

    With that being said, spend 30 bucks on a metal grinder and call it a day. Two years later, that thing will still work like new (if you regularly clean it). A homemade wooden grinder wouldn't last me 6 months before all of the pegs would be fucked.

  11. Thank you. Make a bong, or a cool pipe, but a grinder? Like why? :S not worth it.

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