How do they look?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Drew madson, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. Hey guys posted two weeks ago giving an update on the mystery plant. Added another 300 watt Cfl bulb for more lighting waiting on my grow tent and 300w full spectrum led to come in the mail before I transplant to bigger pot.

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  2. looking good man!
  3. They are photo? If yes you dont wanna top off? Yeah but now they look perfect

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  4. My avatar is mine @ 3.5 weeks
  5. Be careful watering that pot has no drain holes

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  6. Drainage is one of the key things to keep them healthy during the lives. They need the very light arid soil mix to grow in and tons of drainage holes for water to drain away from the roots of the plant. One of the pots with the water reservoir is not the best item to use for growing MJ plants. Maybe it works well for house plants, but not for these. You're going to need to change over to a normal nursery pot and toss that type. You don't want anything that's holding moisture around the roots of the plant. Otherwise, looks OK. Make sure you never water until you can lift the container and it feels light as a feather....regardless of how long that takes. Defined wet/dry cycles are a must-have with the indoor MJ soil grow. TWW
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  7. Like mentioned you pot has no drainage holes?

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  8. I got drain holes at the bottom I drilled in 1inch diameter got 6 of them but what kind of pot should I get for it please let me know
  9. Fabric pots are the best, they let the roots breath and intake Oxygen.

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