How do they look? [Vid Included]

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  1. [ame=]Nigrodomus Turtle Strangler - YouTube[/ame]

    Well, how do they look?

    Edit: Don't mind the name of the video...
  2. Is it just me or are those flowering? How did they get so small growing outside? What are the deatz on the grow? Also, you have some really yellow leaves... how is your pH? Looks like they aren't getting enough Nitrogen at all... that could explain the stunted growth and small size... KEEP ON GROWIN!
  3. Mr Miyagi taught me the ways of the bonsai, haha

    And yeah, this was my first grow, these were kinda just plant and watch what happens.

    4/6 are stunted and yes, you saw correctly, theyre flowring like a mofo
    Whats some household organic stuff i can put on them to boost the N up a little?

    so far these have been backyard plants, not tryna play money bags on this grow
  4. Ph is a good 7-7.2, I measured it with some shitty pool testing kit from walmart

    they mostly get rain water. ill sometimes give them well water from the house if they get dry enough

    the soil theyre in isnt anything fancy, its Scott's Premium Garden Soil, enriched with plant food

    They havnt had any special nutes. Ive been using nothing but organic stuff, kitchen scraps pretty much

    the crackhead tinfoil is there to keep the black pots from baking the roots in the sun. it gets pretty warm here. so does the soil

    they get 9-10 hours of direct sunlight per day
  5. Bump, any feedback would be appreciated, namsayin
  6. Your pH is too high. You need between 6.3 - 6.8. I keep my indoor soil grow at 6.4. The 0.4 - 0.6 pH will make a difference. I use 20-20-20 miracle grow. Not organic, but the plants love it and I flush good anyways before harvest. Stay away from enriched soils, you lose the control over when nutes get dispersed. They are no good. I use "Blackgold Organic" soil with no added nutes. My runoff always matches pH of nutes. Also, buy a $20 pH pen off of and you will be happy you did. Better than the little kits. :) Keep on growin that lovely bud!
  7. Would it be worth the shock if i transplanted them into some better soil maybe?

    What ive got them in now is like a 5 dollar bag of soil from home depot. Im sure any nutes there might of been have been used up by now. you suggest 20-20-20 for these plants?

    i dont know what the number ratio means really, im still learning

    and that N deficiency....?
  8. I wouldn't transplant a plant that is flowering. If you have any that haven't started to flower yet go for it! Just make sure containers are light-proof. Do you have any local farm stores such as IFA? I have never found decent soil at my Home Depot. Just check the bag first. If the bag says something like, 0.4-0.5-0.4 I wouldn't stress it, cause that's hardly any nutes.

    The ratio refers to N-P-K, Nitrogen-Phosphorous-Potassium, which are the three main elements that plants need to grow.

    Nitrogen is for growing the plant - leaves, stems, etc. Use a fertilizer high in N during vegetation.

    Phosphorous is used to make buds and flowers, so use a higher P ratio when flowering.

    I use 20-20-20 the entire time, but then have some 0-46-0 that I add in during flowering to boost the phosphorous.

    Make sure to always read the fertilizer instructions and then at least cut them in half. Marijuana does not take well to over-fertilizing.

  9. Would use Miracle Grow for one feeding then bloom booster for the next feeding just my two cents to push out what you could really get from those stunted plants.

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