How do they look so far (pictures enclosed)

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  1. This is my first grow and they sprouted april 23rd. I really don't know why the one is all lopsided like that and does anyone know when the stems start to get stronger? My stems look a bit skinny.

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  2. They look like they are stretching badly. They need a stronger or closer light. Also they need wind or a fan to make stronger stems. Get those outside and let them get stronger or add a fan and more (or closer) light.
  3. they look like stretch armstrong
  4. I have them about 6 inches from my cfl bulb. I would move them outside today but it is supposed to drop down to 37 tonight.
  5. #1 fan
    #2 2-3 inches from cfls
    #3 more light (sounds like you only have 1 light). You want about 100w. Fix those problems quick before your plants go down hill even further.


    Put them out in the shade if the weather is ok and bring them in if possible. Till weather permits though you should still take care of those things unless weather is good soon.
  6. alright thanks for the help

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