How do they look/ready for flowering?

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  1. I'm have a time constraint and space issue, so I was looking for a finished product about 2.5 ft high? They are white widow and trainwreck.

    All comments/help are appreciated!


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  2. Not sure what your time constraint is, but height wise you should expect them to double and in some cases tripple in height during the flower process, so bear that in mind when deciding when to flip the lights. Good looking plants by the way.
  3. Thank you, it's an issue of potentially moving houses. So I guess based on your info I'll end up between 2-3' high which I'll be excited about! (this being my first grow)

  4. they are nice plants .depends on the space i that i got to know when to flip.whats your temp. in the grow area?looks like they might be getting to hot.
  5. 78 -80 during the day 60 ish during night. The hps is only a foot above the canopy though, to close? It passes the hand test for what it's worth
  6. How old are they and how tall? And how much space do you have total? You can check other journals/grows of same genetics to help determine how much stretch to expect.

    Under 150watt 12" is long as you have good ventilation and air movement you can probably move it a couple inches closer and might consider it :).

    I think Mr.Nice was talking about the leaves..some of them have tips curled up and the 'wrinkled' appearance usually associated with heat stress/warm temps. :smoke::smoke:
  7. Ooooo,
    Okay thanks for the clearification there. Yeah I think that may have happened when they are younger. From what I have read they should more than double. Space wise I have probably 4' max. They are about a foot tall right now. They are smellin nice though! Thanks for the help

  8. Have you seen any preflowers?? As long as you have enough space I would at least wait til you start seeing preflowers.

    Keep in mind plants will not only get taller but get bigger overall as well. :smoke:
  9. yes i was talking about the leafs in the pics..sorry i was'nt clear on that.anyways do you plan on doing any type of training on them?like lsting or scrog?
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    I topped the largest one about week and half ago. It was supposed to be a FIM but I missed and topped it lol. Can I still do FIM/scrog during flowering?

    I'm unaware of kinda how to start lsting for my set up, I understand the concept I think though. I would like to lst though if I can figure it out.

    If I can, then that would great! Would love to FIM the others. I want to try scrog but want to let the plants grow up semi- naturally for my first time.
  11. Preflowers, I'm 99% sure they all show female preflowers. The seeds were feminized supposedly so I'd like to think they are.

    The growth in the first day of flowering is looking good. They smell pretty nice too

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    my WW bag seed are around 2' grown 12/12 from seed.. so your plants will be around 2.5-3'. You should look into LST or Scrog them, you will double your yield.

    Look through my grow, It its two runs, one with No training, and you can see the massive colas, then if you SCRoG like my current run, how there is nothing but Green in my small box.

    Food for thought.

    Evil :smoke:
  13. Nice! That's exactly how big I was hoping for. I looked through your grow journals evil, thanks! I decided to start lst almost a week ago.

    They seem to love it. Will my yield still increase even though I started lst pretty late???


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