How do these Obama seedlings look to you experts?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by simpleman13, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. This is my first grow.

    13ish days from sprout visibility

    PH is 7 for soil.
    PH for water is 6.5

    Light is 17-7

    Nothing added to soil

    What changes (if any) should be made?

    Also when do I put them into a bigger pot?

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  2. Why are they called obama

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  3. it's the strand name
  4. Must have took them from a working man
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  5. They look good, from an expert did you take these seeds from the rich and giving them to the poor? Oh wait that's Robin Hood, Obama just gives crappy insurance

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  6. Crappy Obamacare is much better than the even crappier insurance that came before it, or the even crappier still insurance that the general public kept an insane congress from passing recently.
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  7. I'm just here to post silly comments bro, I don't get into heavy political stuff. Here, smoke this bro *passes right, I'm Tom
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  8. If you transplant to bigger pot I would use a better soil IMO. That soil has all time released nutes in it. you maybe okay in veg but a lot of time released soils will give you problems in flower.

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  9. Im glad you started this thread i just started i think one of my plants is the same age as yours.

    You helped me age mine correctly

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