How do these look?

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  1. i plan on transporting them soon if i need to.

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  2. how many are in there i counted 4 i would try and seperate them very soon, there is not much dirt and there roots will stick together very quickly making it hard to seperate them ripping roots and damaging your plants even more. im no expert but thats what i would be doing asap.
  3. this. and that soil/medium looks too wet, add drainage holes to the cup.
  4. Thanks guys. Anything else?
  5. Ummm read more here at grasscity. I dont even grow, and that is sad.
  6. are you growing outside or inside ????
  7. Inside. Its soil from outside.
  8. ha wow read up on this b4 you start. that is so sad. just quit now. and start over
    1. soil from outside have have parasites in it. not a good plant. spend 5-10$ on some soil from a store.
    2. soil is way wet. get a container with holes in the bottom of it.. or make holes. tiny plants need tiny water.
    3. multiply plants in the same container( that small too) your going to have tangled roots.
    4. what lights you have on them?
    5. im not trying to be mean but read a little bit and start over..

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