How do these look?

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  1. Hi I've Been growing in Wilma since 24of January they sprouted 15th so I put them in a bit to early but hey, so they are now around 6weeks old I've topped them multiple times just wondered if they looked ok to everyone? As this is first grow thanks

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  2. looks good to me man
  3. Sweet just wanted people opinions
  4. yeah man look straight!
  5. Nice and healthy
  6. yeppers. all mine just got their first set of true leaves and when i checked em before work i could see where the second set is gonna start comin in. what kind of soil and whatnot are you using?
  7. The big ones are in rock wool cubes but the small 4 in middle are in pellets and the soil ill get back to you I'd rather hydro but just did these in soil as why not aha
  8. This is the soil I have

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  9. right on. im using ffof mixed with some other i had layin around. this is my first grow.
  10. Any pictures?

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