how do these buds look so far?

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  1. my first grow so i have no frame of reference really. here's the breakdown of my grow:

    • deep water culture
    • 250 watt hps in cabinet (approximately 3.5 squared feet)
    • general hydroponics nutrients (micro, grow, bloom, liquid koolbloom)
    • whiteberry seeds (white widow + blueberry)
    • vegged clone to 8" before flowering (due to height restrictions)
    • plant is about 3' now after 4 weeks of flowering
    so are these buds looking good for this time frame and such? i have no idea. allegedly around 3 more weeks left but i'm assuming it'll be closer to four or four and a half.

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  2. looks great, I would say it still has a while, not sure how long as I only grow in soil. Those are sure some nice pistils she has there
  3. thanks for the comments. whiteberry seeds say they flowers in 50-55 days, so it's around the mid point of flowering. i have read that it can sometimes take longer however. i'm thinking minimum 4 more weeks.

    i'm glad they're looking good so far!
  4. here are a few more pics.

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