How do these blue girls look.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tobymac420, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. So right now i am growing 2 strains one being blue kush the other being blue widow. They were my free seeds i got when i ordered from attitude. I was wondering how you guys think they look. They look pretty healthy to me im just worried they are a little short. I am 3 weeks in and they look like maybe a foot but very green. I am using a 400 WATT HPS/MH light in a tent with a vortex air system. Well let me know what you guys think and stay high my friends.
    PS I have to post photobucket links since the uploading on here seems to be broken atm.

    Toby Mac :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. Lookin nice, kinda small considering your using a 400watt hps system.

    keep up the good work!
  3. Thats what im saying why are they this small i got the light a ways away
  4. a foot in 3 weeks? then hell their moving right along bro.they look great to growing white widow in a DWC with 400 watt mh and their a foot tall in a month (but i had a light problem.gave me root rot) so hell man your lookn good!

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