How do T5 Floros work?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bounty29, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. I'm trying to plan my grow that I'll be starting this fall, and I'm trying to figure out my lighting setup. Does anyone have any experience with T5 lights? This is what I've been looking at. How would that work, mounted inside this cabinet, for 2-3 plants?
  2. Its 4ft long it wont fit in that cabinet. Also instead of $150 I would get a 250 or 400watt hps for $100 which will be better then that light.
  3. Sorry, I meant to link to a 2' long setup. But if you could give me some reason or evidence why I should get HPS and why it would be better, I'd appreciate it. I'm looking for information from people that have experience with this type of light. Thank you.
  4. bro you could alot better with that cash..if you wanting to grow nice hard buds..i would go with hps..say a 400hps or for 2 plants in that grow press..i would buy a 250 hps and an a fan and vent..and your set
  5. OK. Have you used these? I'm looking for people with actual growing experience, or knowledge about this type of light. I know most people on here think floro grows are pointless, but I've seen some better grows using floros than people using MH or HPS. What matters is your preparation and knowledge of the grow.

    There are several advantages to these lights, I'm just looking for someone that has used them before. I know everyone is conditioned to say "HPS/MH are great! Floros suck!" But that's not what I'm looking for. I'm asking if anyone has used them, and what their experience was like. But thank you for your input.
  6. Although I have never grown with t5s I have done grows with just cfls and hps. If you ask me the only thing the cfls really had up on the hps was how little heat they put out. This allowed me to get cfls EVERYWHERE. Where as a hps system you can really only move around above it, cfls you can get above on the side and underneath if need be.

    CFLs are great for seedlings but after that I would toss it and go hps. Veg with the hps or get a mh conversion bulb and flower with the hps. In the end I have gotten far better results using a hps system. Grows faster,bigger, gets bigger buds with more thc. Thats just me though.
  7. ive used that same t5 lights with 2 blue n 2 red it works well i would only go with this setup if heat is an issue but if not a 400 hps would get you some more bud but it is a good light.
  8. Alright, well then will heat be an issue in this with a 250w hps and two of these exhausting air through a 1" thick carbon filter?
  9. bounty..i am in the know about growing and have theses listen to me when i tell will need alot more light to get some bud worth smokeing..floras tand to give wisspy buds
    how many plants are we taking about..and the other thing..if i were you..i would go with an indica strain..hindu kush..something that is forgiving and will take your mess ups on the chin and still give you nice golf ball size buds..but if your like myself with some room..i have near 2000 watts of hps and 400 mh..and many of theses flora,s..but only use theses for seeds and clones..thats all there good of..of side lighting

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  10. Well this is my first grow and it's gonna be kinda stealth, I feel I'll be able to have a successful harvest with my knowledge and resources. 2kw is a bit much, I've seen some amazing grows using 250w so I think that's the route I'm gonna take. 250w hps in that cabinet I linked to earlier, I'm planning on doing a White Widow grow, 2-3 plants, trying a few different training techniques. At least FIM and LST, as illustrated by VokaL. Thank you for the help.
  11. Well I've Vegged under a 250HPS, CFL's and 2' T5's and I would say by far the best was the T5's. The 250HPS was great, but there is so much more heat (about 50watts worth))with the HPS. IF you got a GREAT exaust fan I would use the HPS, but if not...
  12. How many 2' T5s did you veg under?
  13. a friend of mine is sending me a couple T'5's with the 98% reflecting hood for 50 bucks. I already have a 70 watt HPS system and a couple CFL's the one that are shaped like mushrooms. each putting out 2700 lumens. My next grow will consist Afgani,skunk special, posin x skunk #1. Im going to be useing these T'5 fixtures and the 70 watt HPS system and the 3 CFL light fixtures do you think that would be enough for 3 plants?

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