how do police find outdoor plants

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  1. do they see they plants on infared or how do they detect them?and how many plants will be not noticeable?
  2. mostly through word of mouth. but sometimes the use heli's in which they fly over areas that have suspected grows on them and they have expereinced people who look out them. they also use devices called aerial spectrometers which can pickup the specific wavelength that is radiated off the cannabis plant. infrared is more for indoor grows where one part of the house glows a hot red indicating high levels of heat from the lights and also higher temperatures.

  3. Aw jeez let's not talk about unpleasantries...

    kidding this is great info, thx
  4. is there any way of avoiding this because i am not gonna tell anyone so no need to worry aboutthat.but im planning on a a small field.any ideas?
  5. yes, keep the plot small. or atleast spread out. ii just saw the brwndirtwarrior video and he got one of his plots raided and i thought " what the fuck, this guy has like 50 plants in one spot." so dont do that. space them out and try to blend them in with surrounding plants and vegitation. i did that htis year and lemme tell you its works well. ive got an 8 foot tall 6 ft wide plant blended in with vegetation. hell i know its there and sometimes i cant even find all my plants. i have to really look for them. i have 7 in each plot which is way to small for helis to notcie unless theres paths and trash everywhere.
  6. haha yeah that would suck if it was actually a heli that got both our grows pork. course, yours towers over mine :( lol. u gut bushes i gut trees. i wish i had bushes so i didnt have to climb ladders to see the top of my plants to determine sex lol. but i guess its not all that bad. ill have plenty to trim come fall thats for sure :hello: good luck with the grow, man is it nice.

  7. thanks lol i was gonna do fifty.but i heard because i live in florida i can have a harvest 4 times per year is this true?and there is no good soil newere near wer i live so how big of a hole should i dig for the plant?
  8. Don't do a small field, instead do several small patches.
    You can't harvest 4 times a year growing outdoors.

    You seem like you have a lot to learn. Maybe try searching around here before you start any plants?
  9. The best thing to do is go to your local state police website and find out for sure what their policy is when it comes to aerial surveillance. They have to disclose it to the public. If there is no info there, just call them up. Sounds crazy, but it's public information. Wouldn't do it on a traceable phone, of course. Often you can get the info off the website of your local pro marijuana group as well. Good luck.
  10. Just make sure not to leave any traces of track's , trash, foot prints, etc... Plus never say a word about you growing outdoor to NOBODY... The rest is out of your hand's. But if you follow some of the instruction, you will minimize the risk of having ur girl's pulled out.
  11. since i live in florida could i start now?and still get a good harvest?
  12. I thought a punchline was going to follow with that title....Rippers will get you more often than the fuzz. And the #1 way rippers will find your shit is the big blatant trails so many amateurs leave, that leads write to your plot.......And should you be unfortunate enough to have a chopper find them the chances of you being at the garden are very small statistically. They won't stake at your garden or anything, slimply swoop down and yank them In Cali we have C.A.M.P (Campaign Against Marijuana Planting) that flies around known grow areas and steals gardens. I heard a stoner urban legend that CAMP gets the majority of its funding from Anheuser-Busch....using stoner math i have come up with an economic equation explaining why they would be motivated to do this: no weed = drink 6+ beers (or the equivalent) stoned = drink 0-2 beers
  13. could i start the grow now n still get a alright harvest?
  14. just leave them outside in the pots they're in now, transplanting into dirt now won't be beneficial with only 6-12 weeks left for flowering depending on strain. Start planning and prepping for next get what you put into it; it requires planning and hard work.

  15. who does that refer too?could i start now and get a good harvest?
  16. you can only harvest four times a year in a grow room!!

    when you say start now you mean seeds?? if so then no way.

    You could start them now and keep them under grow lights (at least at night) all winter and then put out some big and healthy plants in early spring.

    I guess you could place indoor plants outside like every month after summer solstice and then harvest all winter long....anyone ever try this in a really temperate climate??

    you need to do some homework....Marijuana flowers when the days get shorter and the nights get longer which happens after the Summer Solstice (around June 17-20) this causes them to start flowering.
  17. i had planted some plants in december of last year n they grew n budded they were just smaller.but they were i didnt find out how it was or how much i coulda got...
  18. Not outdoors. Wait till spring. If you are frost free plant early, say Feb. Meantime read up about outdoor growing.
  19. Well what you could do is plant now and keep cloning 'till spring.
    Please google cloning or watch THIS and THIS video.
    Since you live in FL you CAN start now but expect a small yield due to days starting to get shorter.
    The farther south you live in FL the better off you are.

    Good luck!
  20. you cando a few harvest per year with an auto flowering strain, 4 its possible,

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