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How do police catch growers?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by marvincaribou, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Hello, I'm talking about all kind commerically, and for homegrown purpose.

    because say if someone grew maybe 3-4 plants max at their home and told no one (golden rule) and also bought all the supplies with cash how do they get caught? ty! just very curious :smoke::wave:
  2. many, many people grow at home and never get caught. but there are a few ways that i know of. spike in electricity bill can raise some red flags, they can also fly over your house and use this thing that shows high sources of heat (lighting). other things to worry about are smell, and leaving empty bottles of nutes for everyone to see in the garbage. but as long as you tell no one, than you should be fine.
  3. Telling absolutely no one is a very good idea.

    With such a small grow, I doubt heat detection would be an issue.

    Police have been known to watch hydroponic stores, so even though you paid cash it doesn't mean that someone didn't take down your plate # for a closer look at you somewhere down the line. Possible odor detection, and putting stuff in your trash like used fertilizer bottles/other grow-related garbage are a couple of other ways to get caught.
  4. 90% of the cases that I have read where someone gets caught for growing marijuana start by someone smelling it (supposedly) and reporting it to the police who then 'confirm' the smell....
  5. thanks for all the info, anything else?

  6. Yea, always think what other people are thinking. You pull out a big massive bag infront of your friends they gonna question.

    It just takes one fool to know and your op is compromised, keep your shit together and always be friendly.
  7. #1 way is that the grower tells someone. Then either that person tells the cops, or that person tells someone who tells someone who tells the cops.

    #2 way is getting stupid/sloppy. This includes odor control, light leaks, stealing electricity, leaving plants where they can be seen, driving while holding, growing in a place that isn't secure, etc.

    After that comes just plain bad luck, such as police are chasing a burglar and he ducks into your house to try to escape and the cops stumble on your grow, something like that.

    If you have a small personal grow that is buttoned up in a secure place and you tell absolutely no one then your chances of getting caught are extremely remote.
  8. don't set the house on fire.
  9. ^That too! :p

  10. It good to have a good cover story too. Mine is I get it from a guy that bring it in from CO
  11. How common is it to get caught from cops flying over your house using heat detection? and is there a way to make it so that is not noticeable?
  12. dont tell anybody on the planet that your doing wat ur doing. and make sure you dispose of your chemicals properly and be careful where you get your supplies because some of those stores are hot and police will sit outside and document who goes inside. which isnt illegal really but it does give them an excuse to "investigate"
  13. this...also...lets not forget ex-girlfriends...family...public utility.......simple rule is dont smell....dont tell....dont sell;)plus...getting ripped off sucks too
  14. its been ruled unconstitutional...they have to have a warrent first to flir your house and if they got that why not kick in the door:smoke:

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