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How Do People Get Caught Growing Indoors?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by Casper The Don, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Say no one knew but you and somehow you get caught.. How? Do the police get in there helicopters every once in a while and go on a heat ray detecting spree or something? How many plants could you grow at a time under detection? And should you grow in apartment complexes where there is a lot of electric use or a house or a warehouse or garage or something?
  2. In my opinion, most people do things that let on that they are growing.
    Bringing in growing supplies during the day, and all at one time.
    They drop innocent clues to their friends.
    Inefficient filters/ fan noise.
    Doing construction in the driveway.

  3. Doing construction in the driveway?

    What's that mean?

  4. building the structure of the plants
  5. power use too can be a huge giveaway. think of how much juice those lights, heaters/coolers, fans, etc must use up.
  6. Most people get busted with small grows do so because of selling, or talking too much.

    Don't sell, don't smell, and don't tell. Those three cover 99% of the reasons grow ops get busted.

  7. This ESPECIALLY don't tell. Not only can you get raided but you can also get robbed by people you THOUGHT were your friends.

    Bigger grow ops often times get busted by the power company. They appreciate the business but when you get TOO obvious that's when they have to report you.

  8. Yes,
    Building anything that is for a grow, DIY stuff.... My neighbours are helpful/nosy and like to stop by and lend a hand. :D

  9. Because most people are stupid and think they can grow in a place they rent.
  10. Talking about it is what leads to being caught almost every time.
    Keep to yourself, don't buy all your supply's at one store, keep the smell down, if you're *giving* away weed don't do it out of your house.

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