How do OR don't you fit the average "stoner/pothead stereotype"?

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  1. What makes you different than the "potheads" shown in drug propaganda?

    I maintain above a 3.5 GPA, I have goals, and I actively volunteer in my community.

    On the other hand, I have long hair and rarely get up before 12 on days that I don't need to.
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    I have shoulder length hair, a beard.

    I rarely if ever wake up before noon.

    My favorite sport is masturbating, longboarding, or hackeysack.

    I listenn to Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead and phish (I literally love the Grateful Dead).

    I live with my mom and Im 19.

    I wear tie die and dashikis everday

    Jorts and vietnam jackets. Sandals too.

    I am stoned most of the day.

    I sleep in a tent or in my car.


    I have been told by various others Im smart even though I once maintaind a 2.3 GPA.

    I am politicaly active.

    I bike or longboard eveywhere.

    I like Scooby Doo.:)
    And I do have dreams and goals.
  3. I love to longboard
    play frisbee
    disc golf
    i'm very lazy but get things done eventually
    i sleep late whenever possible,

    however i got straight a's through high school and i now go to college
  4. I like Hip-Hop (not reggae like most typical stoners?)
    and thats about it lol. I think.?
  5. FUCK YEAH! Although I love sports in general.

    I barely fit the stoner stereotype so people rarely think I'm a stoner until they see me toking, but I do own a longboard and I do love hackeysack!
  6. Shit man u got a LOADED dont ya? Those are fucking sick.:ey::ey::ey:
  7. I'm very athletic I do boxing and will soon be moving to MMA.
    I have shaggy brown hair.
    I wake up at 7:30 every morning.
    I have a son.
  8. Although us blades should not be perpetuating the traditional pothead steryoetypes, one way I fit is that I regularly forget things I just did (like 20 seconds ago. Sober,btw, that wouldnt be very suprising high). One way I am not akin to them is I do not say "dude", or "bro".
  9. I work on a classic 240Z, i do alot of welding and machine work

    i work in a restaurant, i'm a Protestant

    i've been dipping since 16 <3 skoal

    i like to go on mission trips to mexico

    I've played piano for 11 years

    I have a flamin hot girlfriend of almost 3 years 5'10" blonde hair blue eyes, 36D with a 28 waist 38 hips...


    I love reggae music, i play video games, and i love being baked on the beach.

    I'm not sure what stereotype i am.
  10. Clean Shaven, Short Hair...I had above a 3.0 GPA in High School and had taken honors classes. Joined the Military ( I'll let someone else pay for my school)..Just waiting to leave, smoking in the mean time.
  11. I fit it because I sleep late, say dude/man a lot, dress like I'm headed to Woodstock, have long hair, and listen to "stoner" music. I don't fit it because I'm an EMT and have a full tuition scholarship to college, plus another 2 grand from the national merit program. I had amazing grades in high school, kicked ass on the SAT, and so far the only jobs i've had have been physically active (landscaping)
  12. I maintain a 3.7 gpa
    I love reading books and writing poetry
    I love math
    I'm an honor student
    I rarely go out.
    I love smoking weed
    I don't have a job
    I spend any money I have on Mary Jane
    I listen to chopped and screwd all the time specially swisha house
    not that many people know I smoke even though I've done it for long, they are usualy surprised when they find out
  13. I guess I just fit it

    Long hair/beard

    plaine white t's and shorts everyday

    socks and sandals(just like to be comfey+gotta rep those Jordan sandals:D)

    high all day

    always zoning out

    eat alot

    I'll do whatever my friends are doing most of the time
    but most of the time i just want to "chill"
  14. I'm trying to be the old guy with a pony tail, but hair takes forever to grow....
  15. Long hair, play guitar, write music, listen to pink floyd, zeppelin, etcetc, eat alot, sleep alot

  16. I have been growin my hair for 6-7 years to give to locks of love. ^^ but ill always have long hair its at my belt it would be longer if i straighten it
  17. I don't really have the look. But man in school I fuckin nailed the look.

    Long ass hair, clothes to big for me(not the gangsta style - the i just wanna have a lot of room style), and I always looked blitzed. I guess I fit the stereotype about not really giving a shit about most things. School to me was just a time to meet up with my homies before we ditched for the day. Hmm had bad grades. I'd get $5 a day for lunch so if I had a sack I'd buy a buttfuck load of food. That was back in the day when shit was cheap. Burritos were only like 75 cents and shit. They're like $3 at schools now. But regardless I think that's about it. I guess another stereotype along with failing grades is being looked at like I'm dumb. I wouldn't engage in intellectual conversations, when I got called on in class I didn't have shit to say. Only talked about music, and just other shit.

    Also tried to be the biggest asshole I could be, surprisingly got me some close homies that are still like brothers to me to this day. But I was also the stoner you always saw in the office getting searched everyday, or the stoner sitting in ISS for some bullshit.

    Good times.

  18. Dude are you serious that's stupid? Your saying you have to be a member of grasscity to be a pothead?
  19. Yeah man, I got it a year ago for my birthday. It's absolutely amazing!
  20. let's see.

    Up until a couple weeks ago I had long hair.
    I play hackysack every day.
    I spend all of my availible money on marijuana.
    I own a skateboard.
    I listen to absolutely any kind of music, and appreciate them all equally.
    I'm always the guy telling everyone to chill the fuck out.
    I always zone out on random shit.
    I play acoustic guitar everyday.

    Not stoner:
    I get very good grades (somewhere around a 91% average)
    I almost never get busted/searched.
    I've never been suspended from school, though I've come close countless times.
    Teachers like me.
    My parents are actually tolerant of me smoking, but they don't do it themselves (generally parents either are druggies or are ridiculously anti-drugs).

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