How do my seedlings look day 9

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  1. First time trying to grow not looking for top shelf first time just want to see something and I can work on making better quality weed after a few attempts I'm using 2 300w led lights temp stays between 22 24 C and I think my ph is around 6.8 in coco
    3 plants
    Skittles auto
    Northern light auto
    Cream cookies auto 20190708_132850.jpg 20190708_132900.jpg 20190708_132900.jpg 20190708_132916.jpg 20190708_132912.jpg 20190708_132908.jpg
  2. All 3 look perfect to my noob eyes. I would recommend two things tho

    1) Adding perlite to the coco in a future transplant situation to help aerate coco and help drainage.

    2) reducing your watering pH down to 6.5 max and more ideally around 5.8.

    Youve passed the first grow test of not drowning the girls immediately anyhow! All the best.
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  3. Thanks for the reply and yes this is technically my 2nd grow my last one I added nutrients from start and unfortunately the seedlings fell over on day 4 this time I've just used water I will add perlite when transplanting into bigger pots and can you advise on something to bring the pH down without harming them kind of scared to use anything other than water from last time thanks again!
  4. I use a pH down solution but if you try adding 1/4 strength nutrients you might find it drops it down abit naturally.

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