How do my current ladies look?

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  1. The goal is 1gpw.
    Day 54 from seed, will be flowering on day 70 from seed
    5x5 tent
    Girlscout crack, blueberry, jack herrer
    1000w mh/hps
    5 gallon pots
    Happy frog soil
    Flora trio, diamond nectar, armor si, calimag, liquid KoolBloom

    Topped at 3rd node and then a few other times, also lst and tied down.

    I'm REALLY hoping for 1gpw
    20190716_032744.jpg 20190716_032940.jpg 20190716_032756.jpg 20190716_032945.jpg 20190716_032812.jpg 20190716_032809.jpg 20190716_032911.jpg 20190716_032918.jpg
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  2. is there 4-5 plants per pot? If so bro ur gonna have root problems atleast

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  3. Lol wut? Nah bro. 1 plant per 5 gallon pot and there are 6 pots total. I would never plant multiple seeds in the same pot. They are just tied down and have many tops
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  4. Ooooooouuuwwweeeeeeee that’s a nice job on the training. Topped and mained right? Excellent ties!
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  5. They good should be good I will watch.

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