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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by raverkiddy, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. regardless... this post never asked for your opinion on the box. if you want to critisize and not answer the main question, then bleh. and there is nothing wrong with the system, my friend uses it now and yields 2-3 oz p plant.
  2. i dont know anything bout hydro, but to comment on the box, its sweet looking, a bit pricey, but it all pays for itself in the end right? plus i cant build shit. lol
  3. Ok man, my bad for critizing your box. If that what you want then go for it, and yes it will pay for itself eventually.

    The system you have their is a deep water culture system, also known as dwc or bubbling buckets. (Just incase you want to hunt down some information on line about them.)

    The pots you have are net pots, they hold hydrofied clay..... I believe most people germinate their seeds in something like rockwol cubes, and then put the cubes with the seedlings in them down the hydrofied clay that is held by the net pot.

    Your system works by creating bubbles in the water beneath the pots. All that it basically boils down to is bubble stones (the kind you see if fish tanks) creating bubbles that float up the surface and pop.

    When the bubbles pop at the surface (there should be a load of them) the spalsh the bottom of the net pots with the water/nutrient solution. They also give oxygen to the roots.

    That's pretty much it.

  4. i cannot build shit either =) and it is a bit pricey, but i actually got the $350 system... i never bought that one, below is a pic oef the one I have which is $350 and $50 shipping.

    Ps, thanks for the replies guys, appreciate it...
    Just wanted to know shortyottomatix, no hard feelings. I basically dished out the money on this because it is "covert," and I need it to be secret. I am growing to relieve stress and depression, too bad the gov can't make it legal medication.

    I just wanted to know, is this system too advanced for a beginner? Also if it is, can I use this box to grow with a soil setup? I don't see why it wouldn't work or am I wrong...?

  5. "Just wanted to know shortyottomatix, no hard feelings."

    -Na man there's certainly no hard feelings. I erased my orginal post, because I was kind of a dick. It's all good man, welcome to the board. :D

    "I basically dished out the money on this because it is "covert," and I need it to be secret. I am growing to relieve stress and depression, too bad the gov can't make it legal medication."

    -I hear you man. Keep it simple, keep it secret. That's the way to do it. And actually cannabis is a mircale drug it can relieve far more the stress and depression.

    But I agree with you, it's kinda hard to be depressed when you're stoned outta your goard watching Fear and Loathing.... really hard to be depressed.

    I just wish it'd stop making me fatter.

    "I just wanted to know, is this system too advanced for a beginner?"

    -Na it's only as complicated as you let it be.... It's basically just water supplemented with nutrients splashing the roots of pot plants. It's not to hard.

    "Also if it is, can I use this box to grow with a soil setup? I don't see why it wouldn't work or am I wrong...?"

    You couldn't be more right, you could get some small pots and just grow away. Although I would recomend using the swc hydro sytem, it'll give you more vertical height.....

    Some Advice.

    Read up on some grow guides. Find a hydro store that sells nutrients. You'll need a package set (if they have one) that'll be grow, bloom, and micro nutrients. The set might also have some superthrive and/or some rooting/cloning gel....

    Look around the net and find a couple strains that you'd like to grow. I'd recomend northern lights for your first grow.

    Just read read read and in no time you'll be growing and smoking your own with the pros.

  6. Thanks for the reply as well as the advice... highly appreciate it. I'm quite excited for this experience and hopefully it will go good the first time around.

    As for the nutrients, I have found a 2 part kit at
    General Hydroponic Flora Series

    my friend claims that I don't need the "micro" one. Is this true? What are your thoughts on his opinion? He said I need the grow and bloom only...
  7. Well man, I've never grown before. But I've heard that the micro nutes are a very essential part of your grow. I mean micro nutes are just the nutes that grow and bloom don't have in them, and what you're plants need.

    It's kinda like micro nutes "pick up the slack" on what the other nutes leave out.... Also superthrive will be awesome for germinating seeds and simulating root growth. Root growth is very important.

    A cloning gel will be a must when the time runs around to clone.
  8. cool... although i dont need to clone, as I am just doing this one time to see what happens and boredom...

    im excited though, going to be a fun little hobby...
  9. lol......Hobby...
    Give it a few weeks and you'll be obsessed with growing!
    Smoking cannabis isnt physically addictive, but growing is...
    It just kinda grows on ya after a
  10. To answer your question you start the plants in oaisis cubes or rockwoll cubes. Then when there a few days old transfer them to small netpots.

    I dont see why they have 2 diffrent size netpots though? And they have no room for soil moms, unless ytou feel like maintinging a fast growing hydro mom. I built a system for my friend and we have 3" netpots all around for veg and flower so you never have to transfer netpots, start the clones in the areo cloner up top next to the moms, switch the lid on the areo cloner to maek it a bubbler for a week or so then pull them out and transfer to the areo system in the flower room so we ever loose time under the 400w veging.

    Man i should get into growbox construction and make a few and sell em on eaby for a few bucks, they'd be far superior to any other simply in design and thought. Why would you stagger your plants like that? I saw one guy who has a real nice site but he has some hydro system the he basicly invented with drip feeding 3" netpots and the roots just sit in the bucket thats filled with solution. He has one sprayer in the middle for a half assed areo seffect. And the worst part he made holes for something like 14 plants in 3 square feet for flower! Too many of these guys are just kids who have no experience and build poorly designed boxes.

    And another thing you always have the mom room up top so the flower room gets all the fresh air and the moms and clones get seconds on teh fresh co2, also it keeps your flower room cooler.

    sorry for all the stoner geberish people \/
  11. hmm, you should probably be sober when replying to posts. No offense buddy, but your post was a bunch of gibberish and didn't relate to my question at all. Once again, I'm not trying to dog you or be negative, but really it made no sense.. and as for the box, it DOES work, so you can stop dogging on it, if you're intentions were that I don't know. But I know that a "kid with no experience," didn't contruct my box.
  12. shUUUtUpp!

    i forgot im a dumb stoner.

    I answered your question about how you start plants for hydro and you tell me im messed up because i type too fast and typo?

    And UTFSE and overgorw FAQ, ther are tons of pics showing how hydro roots grow out of the netpots, into the water.

    Just because io know how to critisize the POS ripoff box dosnet mean im in ass. There's a reason why im critisizing, because it sux. I could build a stealthier looking,lower maintence and higher yielding system for 1/3 the price. I doubt tehat small ass carbon filterr will even filter any smell, you need 2" of carbon to do anyhing and that looks to be only aboiut 1", teh room would stink to high heaven. That design filter is amd to suck through and blow out a vent to outside so its not extremly stinky air but still has a scent of reefer. This ass is just after your money and has no good will. My advice, do some reaserch and spend a day collecting parts and tools and the next day assembeling everything. I can garuntee that system is not 100% turnkey and it will need some work.

  13. Let's just drop it man, this guy allready got his box and he's happy with it. So everybody's happy :D

    Good luck with it! Be sure to keep a journal :)
  14. I know that but if you cant get a box, buy a simple E&F or Bubbler system that fits the box and hang a light and hook up a fan, i feel bad for you. Everybody has to start somehwere.
  15. sorry if i offended you man...:( I wasn't intending to cause harm, so relax with the hostility. I just didn't understand how it related to my original question... but thanks for the information nonetheless...
  16. I talked to the company owner, he dosent even grow weed in it. He grows salvia and they have a totaly diffrent root structure, and i would know because i have 4 plants.
  17. erm.. lol

    company owner = my friend = he's not going to tell you what he grows in it...
  18. It that case your a scumbag and doing somthing against the forum ploicy, this whole post is a plug, i saw one from your "friend" on shroomery too. This Thread will be deleted for your gayness.Thanks! Have a nice day.
  19. dude you have major issues...get a life and stop flaming my topic...

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