How do I use this????

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  1. just received from dispensary, no idea how to use it.

    I figured it would be just charge up the battery screw on the cartridge and inhale?

    I can't inhale. at all. am I missing something or is this a dud cartridge? cartridge came with all the lab test results.

    sorry for my ignorance, first time i've ever even seen one of these. 20190627_165436.jpg 20190627_165440.jpg
  2. Cartridges in general can be difficult. My brother-in-law is a salesman to dispensaries, and he always gives different advice on how to troubleshoot them.

    Sometimes, the oil just plugs up the air path a little bit so I take a ridiculously intense inhale in an effort to get some air flowing again. I often just create a suction with my mouth, rather than properly inhale. Another tip from my bro-in-law is to toss a towel in a clothes dryer until its very warm, and then wrap the towel around the cartridge. I've also held one in the palm of a hot, sweaty hand. Combining heating it up with the suction/inhale bit can help work through a clogged cartridge. Sounds like this is your problem if you can't get any air through it at all.

    Random other tips:
    - Some cartridges require more juice than what some batteries provide. If your pen has a button on it, hold the button in while you inhale. If your pen doesn't have a button, consider getting one with a button.

    - Cartridges have a small metal insert in the bottom of them (it fits into the center of the plastic disc; if you look at it, it'll make sense). This metal insert has to make physical contact with the raised metal plate on the battery, where the cartridge screws onto the battery. If they aren't making contact, you can pull the metal insert out just a little bit to help that.

    - Cartridges also don't have great mechanisms to seal the oil in the cartridge. If they get too warm, they can leak out the bottom or the top, even if all the pieces are still on. This recently happened to me on a trip to San Antonio. I brought two cartridges with me from WA state, and I bought a hemp cartridge there from a 'Your CBD Store'. All three leaked at times throughout the trip (they were mostly kept in my pocket, but I was in the Texas heat). I ended up tossing the battery too because cannabis extract leaked all over it while a cartridge was screwed in. ymmv. Don't really have a tip to fix this. It's more just something to look for. Don't store your cartridges in a car on a sunny day.

    Good luck. The cartridges are convenient as hell, but I've found flower to be more consistent and less disappointing.
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  3. thanks for the detailed response!!! legit as I was reading the part you said take a hard inhale i was doing that and it started to work haha.

    the cartridge was free on my recent order. I prefer flower for sure but can't argue with free!


    thanks again.
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  4. Hahaha, glad I could help! And I definitely agree -can't argue with free!
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  5. nice score on the freebie, J!

    the mini clogs are annoying.
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