How do I use this recycler so frustrated I can't tell intake from exhaust anymore

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  1. The smoke doesn't re-enter the main chamber. The water does.
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  2. smoke is not supposed to re-enter anything, it just circles once and then you inhale it. the water is what circles around because it's heavier.
  3. See, this is why I've been confused. I read in one place both are supposed to recycle, then other places say the same as y'all. Is it different for different types of recycler/perc combos?
  4. no... even if they could get the recycler to recycle smoke, which i don't think you can, what would be the point? you wanna inhale the smoke to get high
  5. More diffusion?
  6. what do u think diffusion is?

    you wanna cool the smoke, ''diffusion'' doesn't even exist
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  7. Screenshot_20180916-234909_Google.jpg
    Please, tell me again how you didn't take high school chemistry, or how Bigfoot is real? You answered the question. Why try to be an ass, and in turn make yourself look stupid?
  8. yeah yeah u ,i'm talking about bongs and smoking. use a big beaker with more water and deep downstem than a perc it works way better.
    i wasn't being a asshole to you you fag just sick of bong-makers making these shit percs and charging 150 because theyre hard to make but a THICC beakers is way superior bongage
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  9. No, you wouldn't want the smoke to recycle.
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