How do I use this oil attachment? Please help me!

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by LSDisYUMMY, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Just bought this for my bong. I've tried it a few times with slight success, but I am still unsure of the real way to use it. Can somebody please please shine some light and help?

    Here is a pic: imgur: the simple image sharer
  2. butane torch ftw
  3. I have one... what do i do with it?
  4. Horrible pic, can't really tell what you got. Looks like a curve. Can you take some better pics?
  5. Oil in. Light from below. Torches the oil, the oil smoke has nowhere to go but up, your sucking creates a current near it and it sucks in the oil smoke.
  6. Lulz so this guy's concentrate attachment is basically like an unmentionable pipe. Just a glass sphere with a an air hole and an exit hole. I was trying to figure out wtf it was, looked like a cheap knock off of a ti-pod or a kettle i see.
    Basically just like the essential vape or w/e its called with the detachable glass containers.
  7. its a meth pipe white boy heat, drop in, suck. i prolly would prefer it to nails and skillet but its a crackhead thing to do
  8. Why are there 4 threads
  9. Hahha looks like a meth pipe to me.
  10. Are you postive the person you bought that from has been smoking cannabis oil lol?

  11. Kinda what I was thinking haha :rolleyes:
  12. lmfao crack pipe attachment! you heat up the glass and just drop it in like a crack pipe
  13. It's a vapor curve.

    OP, usually the hole is slightly bigger and you drop your concentrate in the non heated globe.

    Then heat up a thin glass rod with your torch. Touch it to the hash and hit it.

    Great for solventless... But still.. that hole is very small.
  14. I use these all the time, what everyone else said is right, yes it is basically a piece for "unmentionables", but it works very well for oil, the only problem is cleaning it, its almost impossible, and they usually break if you try because the bubble part is so thin.

    I recommend not buying the kind that have a GonG attachment as you're probably spending too much, my LHS sells the kind without a GonG joint for about 5 bucks a piece, so I just throw an o-ring on it, use it till its dead and replace it.

    getting an actual dome setup today though, super excited
  15. They easily break if you are constantly torching the glass. That is why you get a glass rod to heat up and touch to the concentrate. Otherwise you wouldn't be dabbing really, your concentrates would lose potency as they would just heat up gradually instead of instantly touching a glow rod.

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