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How do I use this bong I just got?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Von DooM, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. #1 Von DooM, Aug 23, 2008
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    Hey GC, I'm a very occasional toker, been using zags all my toking career... :smoke: I'm looking to switch over to bongs. I picked this skull looking one up at my local headshop.. but I don't know how to use it...


    That's the one I have, but mine is transparent blue. I know I have to fill it with cold water half way up the stem. But the problem arises when I lay my herb in the stem, there's a little hole, and when I burn enough, my herb will fall through, any idea what I can use to protect my herb from falling through?

    I tried toking yesterday with it, putting the herb in, lighting it... and inhaling to no avail. I barley got a toke... it didn't work...

    advice would be greatly appreciated :D
  2. for the herb falling threw (spelling) they sell like copper screens or you can get like glass things that go in the bowl so you dont suck it down. you can get them at head shops
  3. Most likely, you werent holding down the carb while you were lighting/inhaling. The carb is a hole. Basically when you hit it this is what your going to do. Pack the weed, put your finger on the carb, get your mouth ready, Light your weed, when your lungs are almost at there holding capacity you will release the carb.

    Another problem you might be having is that this is probably a water bong. Make sure you fill it with water to about 1 cm above the lowest portion of the stem.

    Hopefully that made it clear man!

    Keep toking
  4. #4 weed:myantidrug, Aug 23, 2008
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    Alright, well you should either use bigger nugs, nugs that are bigger than the hole in the bowl at least. BNOB - "big nug on bottom" my friends and I swear by that man hahah. Or if you're still having problems then buy a copper or glass screen, and place it in the bowl over the hole. You might need to just pack fatter bowls too. It could be that the bowl isnt packed too tightly and you're trying to take monster rips and pulling it through. Oh and does it have a carb hole?
  5. you are looking for a glass screen to put in your slide. should be a few bucks form a headshop. its just a little piece of glass you put at the bottom of the slide so nothing gets pulled through (except smoke of course)
  6. -If you're in the US, it probably doesn't have a carb.

    -Do NOT fill it with water halfway up the stem...just halfway through the bottom chamber.

    -Use a glass screen if the bowl is too big. Eventually I'd recommend buying a new bowl, because screen can be a hassle.
  7. that specific one has a slide, make sure you have a rubber o-ring/grommet around your bowl stem which should make a seal with your downstem, use a glass screen, they sell em at headshops, also a pebble of a broken glass bottle WILL work but make sure nothing else will break off of it. or metal screen if you have nothing else. light suck pull bowlpiece out of stem, suck all the smoke, cough, enjoy.
  8. How much water should I put into the bong?

    I already have the small circular metal screens, but they don't fit in my bowl :(

    For clarification... I light the bud, suck, pull out the stem all the way, keep sucking, hold for 4 - 6 seconds and exhale? :D

    Thanks GC!

    p.s is using a pipe easier? should I just get a glass pipe instead?
  9. #9 dr dre, Aug 23, 2008
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    make sure you make an air tight seal with your lips inside the mouthpiece, otherwise you will just be inhaling air. and ive seen those bongs in my city as well, they do have a slide carb. also the hole in the stem shouldnt be big enought that it sucks the weed through on your first hit unless you load little teeny tiny bowls
  10. just watch a youtube video of people taking bong hits..
  11. how big are you bowl packs? I mean you could just be packing small snaps and when it gets sucked through that means its all ash, thats also called snapping it.
  12. should I just return the bong and get a glass pipe instead? There's no hassle with water and it's easier, right?

    Also, how much water should I fill the bong with?
  13. Stick with the bong. Make sure you are keeping the lighter to the bud while inhaling, try a pebble in the bowl to keep bud from falling thru.
  14. I got one good toke from like .5 gs of bud :( ..

    I light it, while keeping the top airtight with my lips... and inhale deep, clear the stem and then remove my mouth to exhale... I have only a little water in it... is that the problem?
  15. I have found the best way to pack a bowl like that is either the big nug on the bottom method or with a glass screen. if you dont have a glass screen you can do this.

    take your not ground up weed. break off a bud roughly 1.5x the size of the hole in the bottom of the bowl. with the stem pointed down into the hole drop the bud in. on top of this you want to lightly pack buds roughly the same size or smaller on top of what you put in first. pack the bowl 3/4 this way. take some bud and break it up so it 'flakey' for the top untill the rest of the bowl is filled. this way you have buds on the bottom that will burn like coals and you have the shake on top that will help evenly distribute flame to the bud underneath. when you light it downt torch the shit out of it or your erb will actually catch fire. all you need to do is go around and make the top portion bright red/orange and the rest will burn exactly when you want it to. dont suck in hard, if you can see in your bong you should see the very bottom fill slowly and then start to come pouring out and up the tube. when you pull it dont rush the smoke all at once but find a good pace so that your getting it as fast as you can but not making the water fly around inside.

    thats all i can think oif for now . sorry if it makes little sense im pretty ripped
  16. #16 Aurora Borealis, Aug 23, 2008
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    Are you packing the downstem with bud? Does you bong have a slide piece that fits into the stem?

    If it does have a slide piece you make it sound like your just setting weed into it, you need to pack that bowl, and as other people have said use a bigger nug on the bottom.
  17. the big nug on bottom works fine, but if you really want to set yourself up, and add some very nice additions to your first bong, i suggest ordering some glass screens from the grass city shop. they are easy to put in, easy to use, easy to clean. sense your bong doesnt have a ash catcher and such. also you can stick them in your pipes
  18. if yours is transparent fill with water till the bottom of the downstem, and hit it. Also b/c it is transparent you should be able to see how much smoke is in the chamber, when you get enoguh pull the slider completely out and inhale hard. You should get a good hit, let me know if that helps. Dont go to spoons stick with the bong.
  19. #19 TheDutchMasters, Aug 23, 2008
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  20. Not a water problem, it'll smoke either way.. with or without water.

    I'd make the water like a 1/4 inch above the bottom of the stem, so when you tilt it its like 1/2 inch above the bottom of the stem.

    Does the stem pull out of the bong or is there a hole somewhere on it? It would be on the opposite side of the stem...

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