how do i use a star screen for glass pipe?

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  1. it looks like this, it feels as though it's made of plastic or i put it in straight down (like the pointy thing in the hole on the bottom of the pipe (is it put correctly in the pic attached)? thanks


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  2. Im pretty sure they call em glass screens and u just put it over the hole so weed doesnt suck thro. They last forever if u dont break em lol
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    Never used one but it should work as long as air still passes but it doesn't fall through. looks like it's supposed to lie down like you have it.

    when I smoked out of pipes I would just lightly clump a lil bit of weed near the bottom of the bowl so it works like a screen. doesn't work as well with dry weed.
  4. Just toss it in there but don't clog the hole. Used these a lot for my bong, they're good but not foolproof.
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    Remember to clean it every so often so that your pipe doesn't get clogged

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  6. You're doing it right but if it's too big and covers the hole of your bowl you won't get good air flow. It'll get clogged constantly. Look for something that doesn't choke the bowl. I've fallen in love with a button hole style glass screen. None are on the GC store but google around and you'll find something.
  7. Yeah the long stem part goes into the hole of your pipe. Mine clogs every few bowls so constant cleaning is required if u want to get some decent airflow.
  8. They don't last forever they'll break eventually but usually they come in packs of 200, they do where i get them from anyway.
    U just put them in the bowl man they work great i hate smoking without a screen

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  9. just put the large point in the hole and pack ontop of it, remember to dislog it and move it around every few bowls so it doesnt get resinated into it. also be sure to not let people just blow into the mouth piece to clean the piece or youll never find that again lol I stopped using them cause they are more trouble then they are worth. 
  10. Step 1: Remove from plastic wrap
    Step 2: Place in bowl
    Step 3: Smoke
  11. Step 4. Cash bowl, lose screen.
    Step 5. Drive to lhs, buy new one.
    Step 6. Repeat steps 1-5.
  12. I use them often as one of my slides requires them.  Lots of cleaning required but if you can handle that then nothing to worry about.  Lost 4 since November 2013.  Have spent hours searching for the ones dropped, kind of a pain in the ass but also pretty fun as you just smoked a bowl.  Feel like a champ when you find them.
  13. Just pack the nug tightly enough so it doesnt fall in,thats what i do anyway,always worked great.after maybe 2-3 weeks of daily use when i clean it theres maybe one or two TINY peices of plant matter at the bottom so really those glass screens are useless,save your dollars for something else
  14. Break off the Y part of a stem and toss it in the hole. Does the same thing and if you lose it, well, make another one? [​IMG]

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