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how do i use a hookah to smoke weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by hookahgirl, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. i just bought a hookah and I was wondering if I can smoke weed w it. will I get the same affect or what? any tips?
  2. You will get the effect of smoking weed. Welcome to GC also.
  3. You can definitely smoke weed out of a hookah. I have never smoked straight weed out of one. We have only mixed the tobacco stuff with weed. Which I didn't like too much.
  4. This isn't the right section, but to answer your question yes. You can smoke it alone or with special tobacco made for the hookah. Make sure the hookah is connected and airtight where it supposed to be. Place what you want to smoke in the "bowl". Place the metal cover on top and place a lit coal on that. Inhale with the hose and enjoy. :smoke:
  5. How long have you smoked weed? Hmm i wonder if you can smoke weed out of a smoking device? when they make Half of them for weed and the other half for hashsheesh

    Gee i dont know :p

    O yeah if your smoking out of one Buy a Glass Hookah!!!!!!!!

    I;ve noticed that the Metal hookah's give of a metal taste when smoking it Flavours your weed with a crappy taste...

    My friends own a Metal and Glass hookah and bar none the Glass hookah kicks the shit out of the metal one.
  6. mix in a bowls worth of weed with the shisha and enjoy.
  7. Ahh... Just did this last weekend!

    Set your hookah up as normal (I add ice in the vase, makes it smoother!)
    When you pack the bowl there are two methods:
    1. Put a thin layer of shisha (hookah tobacco) and then ground up weed, then more shisha
    2. Pack your bowl with shisha as normal, then place ground weed on top.
    Both ways work, I followed #2.
    Put the tinfoil on top and add your coal.
    Puff away on your hookah and enjoy!

    If you smoke hookah regularly its going to be the same as any other day, you wont notice the weed depending how much you decide to pack. I think we only had half a gram in ours, grinned down fine. But after two bowls on a pipe, and a joint, it was a nice way to relax and prolong the high.:smoking:

    Blaze on boys, I would recommend a hookah with or without weed.
  8. My friends and I put a layer of shisha on the bottom of the bowl because it often doesn't burn, then on top of that we put the bud and then put a thin layer of shisha over top of that. Poke the foil and enjoy!

    Just finished our sesh on the hookah.

  9. What kind of bowl are you using? Normal, Phunnel, or Vortex?
  10. It's a vortex bowl.
  11. How do you feel about the vortex bowl, I've always used the phunnels and love it.
  12. It's fantastic. It's the first one we bought, we've got a couple of the normal bowls but it's just different and it's a turn off. I definitely recommend the vortex bowl. We use less than a gram and gets 4-6 of us soaring.
  13. Damn man, I'm going to have to grab one for the 'passing my drug test' party!

    ...This dry spell is killing me.

    What flavor of shisha are you packing?
  14. I love Romman and StarBuzz. I feel like Romman has a lot thicker smoke, but StarBuzz has more flavor. Personally I prefer the thick smoke.

    As for flavors, most of the fruit flavors are good. Romman's banana is probably my favorite. Orange and even almond were good. Code 69 and Blue Mist by StarBuzz is fantastic as well. Stay away from anything that doesn't sound good as a smoke flavor. Beer, whiskey, jasmine flower. Not the best.

    Good luck and have a toke for me!
  15. I can see it now, me and the boys sitting around the table, I grab the hose and shout out loud...

  16. We have a set up in my roommate's room and it's got blue and black lights in the ceiling light and he's got a green light on his night stand. It really sets the atmosphere!

    And thanks! I appreciate it. :smoke:
  17. starbuzz tangerine dream all day
  18. I was always under the impression that a hookah doesn't burn the tobacco/weed as much as it sort of... "steams" it. Am I wrong? I feel like even I put my weed up top nice and close to the coal, that it won't fully burn and I'll be wasting some.

  19. Hookah doesn't really steam as much as it bakes the shisha. When it burns, your bowl starts tasting funky.

    When we pack a dirty bowl, we usually mix it in with the shisha, smoke on it for a while and after 10 minutes or so we take the foil off and stir the shisha around to make sure we bake all the bud mixed in.
  20. Bumping up an old thread with a year of experience.

    After much trial and error, its best to put the shisha, weed, shisha layer. The 'baking' effect of hookah tobacco is actually vaporizing the flavor of the mollasses and honey in the tobacco and burns the leaves, thus making smoke.

    Key word up there, VAPORIZING. A hookah with week is like a vaporbong with hookah tobacco. Want added fun? Shiazo Steam Stones and weed are just a sweet vaporizing fun time. The steam stones are the Vap of the hookah world.

    Enjoy boys.

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