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How do i unroll a Swisher Sweet Cigarillo?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SoVeryChrispy, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. so yeah, i'm a noob but do i just cut it or is there a flap where i can just unroll it?
  2. split it open with ur fingers or cut it open with a razor blade.
  3. yeah hahaha its not hard, cut it open or split it open. Then take out the tabacco and put your weed in thur:)
  4. iight. so basically i can just cut it down the middle?
  5. like a straight line and cut with ur fingernail take out the tobbaco and roll
  6. ....9+ clean ur fingers. get cronic. welcome
  7. Lick it a lil where you gonna cut it. Cause then it wont for sure tear cause your new at it. NOt to much licking though. And roll when your high if your new then you may figure it out better lol thats what i did. And stick with Swisher's too they are the best.
  8. split cigarillos, phillies and the like.
  9. Give it a little moisture where you plan on splitting it and then carefully break it open using your fingernails. Make sure to lick and seal the edges once you've finished this.

    Grape is the way to go when it comes down to swishers.
  10. instead of making a new thread on a full size swisher or philie how do u take the cancer paper off with out tearing it off?

  11. If it's lke a dutch you can scrape and pull it off, but if not, just tear that portion off.
  12. i know how to do dutches and all that. i mostly roll games. but i seen one kid take a philie and crack it and lick it the usal and list the back of the paper off and was able to scrape it. but i cant seem to do it. lol
  13. Never use a razor, always use your fingers. Or that shit will not stick right!

  14. never used my fingers, always use a razor. never had a problem getting a blunt to stick...
  15. way to talk out of your ass mike.

    if anything, it would make it easier because it's more uniform..
  16. not really man splitting it with your fingernail seems to work that much better. can't really explain it but basically when you use your fingernail it makes the paper near the cut. thinner kinda and thins it stick better.. eh.. im bad at explaining:mad:
  17. cut it with a razor blade or split it with your finger (harder, especially if you already high..) or you can roll it out.. as in just roll it back and forth thru your fingers and have the tobacco fall out then just put ground up weed in there and pack it down (easier to do if baked)
  18. Step 1 : Put the Cigar between both your thumbs.
    Step 2: Cut a small piece at the top down the middle
    Step 3: Now take both thumbs and press and kinda pull downward
    Step 4:Continue all the way down the cigar until split
    Step 5: Then tear the cancer paper off (The Side Your Supposed to Smoke It From)b4 u break it down
    Step 6:fill it with some green and get to tokin:smoking::)

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