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How do i turn kief to hash?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Sexyback, May 17, 2010.

  1. I have a bit of kief in the bottom of my grinder and i wanted to make hash as it's a bit more portable.
    How do i make it?
  2. look around, theres plenty of detailed threads on the forum, usally stickied
  3. put it in a small baggy and stick it in your shoe and goe for a nice walk :D.
  4. ^^^ that works the long way, take that kief, cut out a section of a grocery store plastic bag, tightly roll up the kief into it in a small ball/square/whatever, then wrap again in plastic to assure no leakage, then dip into a mug of hot ass water for 30 seconds, put in the middle of a book on a hard surface and sit on it for a min or to, un fold, then fold over the kiefy/ball thing you will have and press it again, and again, and again, folding it over every time, you can just press it once, but, it doesnt matter. Look up quick press kief hash on youtube man
  5. I consider kief to actually be hash. :D

    But if u want to press your kief so that its 1 big chunk then just buy a hash press from your local pipe shop. Ask them for a "mini hash presser". It should cost about 10 maybe 20 bucks depending on quality of course. I bought mine off of this site actually.

    If u want to be cheap u can go to your local corner store and get wax paper (its next to the tin foil) then wrap the kief in like 5 - 8 layers of wax paper. Then heat up a pan on your stove to about medium. Get out the pancake flipper thing and press the wax paper down on both sides a few times (u will be able to smell it a lil bit when it gets hot). Unwrap your waxpaper and u will have a lil pancake of pressed kief.

    Unless u are storing the kief or transporting it, I recommend leaving it in its powder form. I think it smokes better that way. Everyone is different though...
  6. ^^^ yea, i always say, uless i have enough kief to make multiple pressed grams may as well keep the keif in a glass jar and use a tiny scooper and put the kief on some bowl or in joints n shit. It tastes way better, you wont have the issue of dropping the entire chunch to load a small fraction of it, plus, you can scoop that shit in a tiny spoon...a spoon full of keif helps the medicine go down....

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