How do I top a plant?

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  1. hey i just got a new plant started.. its only a two day sprout, but i'm preparing early.. can anyone explain to me to do this task??
  2. [ame=]YouTube - tokin daily: topping your plant[/ame]
  3. Plant topping allows for plants to make "extra arms," but I've always wondered what would happen if you added hash genes to a pure Sativa plant.

    I mean, they did it to some kind of plant where it made foot long HAIRS by itself, but what would happen to a sativa? Would it make little glass/THC shards on the stems?
    Or would it make a pasty, self-gooing bud?

    My mind wanders/wonders these things all the time.
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    What ?

    Ive read that 4 times and my brain hurts.....i dont get what youre saying.

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