HOw do i tell the sex???

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  1. My friend gave me a marijuana seed and i planted it in my front yard as a joke and it started growing its about 4 inches and has about 4 or 5 leaves how do i tell the gender of the plant... also icould use some growing tips... when can i start smoking?:confused::confused::confused:
  2. you'll be able to tell the sex by looking closely at the plant where the leaves meet the stem, if its a female there'll be little white hairs, if its a male there'll be little pod's, whcih are full of pollen. your plant probably wont have these for a while yet, because it is still quite undeveloped.

    im guessing you started your grow quite late, seeing as your plant is so short, so you most probably wont get much bud off it at all! but it's still worth growing IMO.

    most plants are in their flowering state by this time of the year, so it wont be long till yours is too, so give it a month-month and a half, and maybe you'l have some smokeable material!

    good luck
  3. Does anyone know how big or old the plants have to be able to tell the sex?

    Thanks in advance.
  4. I have seen a seedling with 4 sets of leafs show a few hairs.

  5. My advice... move it from your front yard, heh.
  6. I moved my plant today just in case... u know? well i checked on it about an hour later and it was starting to wither... i moved it back into a sunny spot with good soil and i hope it comes back but i doubt it will... It was a girl plant i found out though! but now its probably dead and if not completely its dieing...:(
  7. So I take it you transplanted it. It will wilt for a few days as it is in shock but it will be ok. If you took extra care in the transplanting and didn't do it in direct sunlight you will be ok. Did you dig it out well from were it was at. I mean well around it away from the roots.(if you can't see them you can't hurt them) Don't stress on it it they will probibly be fine.

    I was transplating and droped off the bottom of may root mass about 2" off the bottom of a 2 gallon container it survived and is still growing today.
  8. alright ill report back if it gets better... thanks for the info!
  9. good luck with the grow!

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