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How do I tell the diff between indoor and outdoor?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TeHNeutral, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Interested in the aesthetic differences, some of my friends swear they can tell by looking at the bud and this is one of the areas I'm clueless.

    In search of a pro to teach me these nuances in the bud you can pick up.

  2. usually outdoor weed smells very earthy, like piney, or just like "trees" or the forest.

    indoor doesnt.
  3. ^ the smell.

    I can always tell when I crack open a jar whether its soil or not. I guess once you've been around it enough, you'll be able to tell the difference
  4. This. ^ It'll come with experience.
  5. What I've noticed is outdoor has more of an earthy or pine smell to it, indoor just smells like straight dank ass pot.
  6. You can tell by the smell? I didn't know that.

    quality can sorta tell you, but not all the time. Honestly it seems like outdoor grown turns out to be mids more often and dank is more often indoor. I know this doesn't help specify exactly in some cases, but eh
  7. Indica leaves are FAT and SHORT

    Sativa leaves are SKINNY and LONG
  8. What does that have to do with indoor and outdoor ?

  9. And that tells us how to tell if its outdoor/indoor?

    C'mon. Get with the program. :D
  10. Outdoor around my parts looks to be on the browner/yellower side of things and usually contains smaller leafier nugs, sometimes it can be very potent. The kief is usually a yellow color.

    Indoor nugs here are bright green, dense, and large. Kief is almost always white.

    Of course it varies but this is what I -usually- see at clubs/street.
  11. Okay?
  12. Awesome guys, ty for the quick responses.

    I'll be a veteran soon enough ;)
  13. are you asking what a harvested plant that you didn't know if it was indica or sativa and were trying to guess by what the bud looked like???
  14. indica is indoor sativa is outdoor.
    maybe i'm not understanding something
  15. Lol Your not joey.

    indica and sativa can both be grown indoor or outdoor, Theyre just different kinds of weed.
  16. the sativa around here is darker. and makes me wanna do shit. clean/be productive. and indica just knocks my ass out
  17. so you're asking how to tell by the bud
  18. i know this as well i have 3 purple diesels outside. and are HEAVY indica. pshhhh come at me like that

  19. Just because youre growing indica outdoors, Doesnt mean it cant be grown indoors.

    Christ. :rolleyes:

    Edit: Try editing your posts, Rather than posting 3 seperate posts everytime u say something.

    Also, Come at me.

  20. hahaha wow.....youre definitely not understanding something.
    indica and sativa are two of the THREE species of mj.
    indica is a couchlock stoney high....sativa is more cerebral/mental, it has nothing to do with being indoor or outdoor.
    the third kind is called Rudaralis but you most likely will never see one.

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