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How do I tell my mum i wont quit ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fatsonny, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. Please someone tell me how i can say to my mum that im not going to quit smokin...not for a long time lol I recently got caught tokin and my mum and dad took it a lot better than i thought ( although this is now the second time ) but now they want me to quit and are always looking at my eyes, phoneing me when im at my friends houses and not lettin me stay out too late. I just want them to let me smoke as im doing ok in my exams and i am reasonably smart and good behaved.

    I can't use the "i'm deppressed " excuse or the " it makes me happy " excuse because they both know that im not and they are not stupid

    What do u guys think
  2. If you're 18 years old, they shouldn't be able to hold much control over you. You just need to explain it's your life, and it's something that you enjoy doing. Instead of getting drunk, like I'm sure they do, say that this is your nitch, and you love it. Explain how safe it is, and blah blah blah.
  3. Be 18 and tell them*mom,dad. with all my respect and love im not quiting*
  4. ok, tell them marijuana is not what they have been educated to believe it is, its not a drug but a plant from the earth. you enjoy smoking because it gets you high and you're relaxed and in a positive/creative state of mind. drugs are heroin, cocaine, speed, mdma, prescription pills ect.

    hope this helps in some way, just mix it up with your own words.

    also show her this.
    The truth about Marijuana

  5. "I'm not gonna quit, it's my choice"

    simple as that

  6. That's pretty much it. just be matter of fact about it. give her the facts and in my opinion smoking is a lot safer than drinking, at least for me. And if you still live with your parents i wouldn't be to high and mighty on it, you don't want to alienate them or just anger her.
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    Ask your parents if they ever quit smoking/drinking while they were young. Chances are they didn't even when they were caught.

    And don't give them any reason to think it's going to impair your ability to succeed or your health, ie, don't get caught by the po-po, don't let your grades slide. that kind of thing.

    Oh, and it usually helps people who don't like you smoking deal with it they're not reminded of the fact often. So don't smoke in their house, don't talk to them stoned, etc. I still live with the rents and that's the understanding we have: they're not reminded of it and it's left alone.
  8. oh god i could really go for some ex right now. jesus christ.
  9. Man, im gettin some cappys tomorrow!
  10. im 18 and i got caught like a couple months after i turned 18 and i told my mom "I'm sorry if you don't think I should do it, but there's no way im stopping. I feel a lot better, sleep a lot better and eat a lot better when I smoke weed, plus my grades have only gone up in school since I've started doing it, so really there's nothing you can do to stop me." and she now doesnt bother me about it. She still doesn't want me to do it because she doesn't want me to get caught but she doesn't tell me not to, just tells me to be careful.
  11. As long as you are 18 it's your choice. But don't smoke in their house behind their backs! Thats just messed up.
  12. i was busted doing this years ago, they laughed and couldnt believe i got away with it for so long (4 years or so) then left me to it. seriously.

    but they used to smoke, and didn't mind the fact that i was.
  13. the best way to tell someone you wont quit is to not quit.
  14. Surely your mom drinks either wine, tea, or coffee. Ask her to quit doing that.

    Smoking herb is simply one of life's pleasures, much the same as the above.
  15. Invest in an air purifier (preferably a charcoal scrubber) for your bedroom. Keep your door closed, and keep the air purifier running so there wont be any "stank" or smoke. Open windows if you have to as well. I keep my purifier running nonstop and keep an exhaust fan in the window to suck out the smoke. I just chill on my bed, burn a bowl and let the fan suck out the smoke while the air purifier keeps the smell at bay.

    As for telling your mom, I don't know what to tell you because my mom was cool with me smoking. she basically said "like father like son" and let it be at that.
  16. Hey, dude your parents can do w.e they want to you..well almost if your not 18.
    If your 18..get into a convo about things your ppls do.
    Tell them to quit things, such as drinkin alcohol, coffee, ciggarettes.
    Tell em, Weed if not as bad as there educated to believe..
    I mean seriously...if you think bout it...If smoking pot makes you happy..not even the govt. shud b able to tell you its bad...what happened to my right to pursuit happiness.
  17. poster above, dont bite me fool.

  18. that's so dope. Wish my parentals were like that.

    My opinion is 18 not, your still at the rents casa. If they don't want you to smoke pot while your there then don't do it. Have some respect for the rents. All they're doin is tryin to look out for you. Atleast you know you got parents got love for ya. I got friends who's parents are off worse than their kids. That would suck.

    I got caught a lil over a year ago. Got outta jail and was supa low on funds. The parents were cool enough to let me stay until I could support myself again. They said they had one rule, that I didnt burn herb or do any drugs. I didnt ever want it to seem that reefer was more important than my fam.

    And I gurantee you that if you wait, that first smoke would be worth it. I waited a year....365 days. Damn that seems impossible now.
  19. pretty much.
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    Thanks to all of you guys.. I told my mum that i am 17 now and i can smoke if i want to as long as it isn't in her house. She is annoyed obviously but she has kind of accepted it but she dont want me coming home stoned all the time. . . .overall things are better now and even though she found my skins and bong yesterday she still hasnt said anything about them. I'll let u all know wat happens over the next couple of weeks

    Thanks again everyone

    If you're 17, then you can't be here. You agreed that you were at least 18 when you registered. *RMJL

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