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How do I tell my mom I smoke weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by LouDog8, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Okay this is serious so hopefully people reply seriously. I'm sure some of you who are in the clear with your parents are like "dude just do it" but try and picture it from my point of view. Okay so I really just want to tell her. Sometimes I think she knows already but I'm never sure. I know my Dad used to smoke weed so it makes me think maybe she did too. I'd just like to know how to go about this and handle anything that may come after telling her
  2. Why do you have to tell her at all?
  3. Ok here is how you tell your mom that you smoke weed:
     1. fill your lungs with air
    2. exhale allowing the air to make a vibration in your voice box
    3. move your jaw and toungue to say the words "Mom, I smoke weed!"
  4. I don't like keeping that sort of thing from her. Smoking weed is something that I like to do and it also helps with my migraines and knee pain.... I guess that's something good to mention to her also
  5. I just don't see the need in letting her know about it.  Are you 18?  Do you live with your parents?   If it helps you and does not hinder your life then it's your choice and really no need to disclose it to your parents IMO. 
  6. Momma's boy!
    Naw but seriously just dont do anything at all. Did you run and tell her when you lost your virginity? 
  7. I told my mom by getting busted for possession. Lol
  8. I came out and told her when I was drunk and blacked out and asked her if she had some weed. Lol. She didn't care honestly, we just laughed the next day. I was like 18 had smoked since I was 14 now I'm 24 and she smokes with me on occasion

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  9. Here's how I go about telling my family and friends: I'm 32 so I'm  somewhat established in life:
    I point out my successes in life, how hard I work, how much I contribute, how I take care of my family, and then once they acknowledge and understand that I'm a successful good human being I drop it on them.....and I smoke marijuana daily.
    Some are often surprised, some see it, some become new smoking buddies, and then there's my Dad..........."Running around like your some F'ing teenager smoking dope"
  10. Get a big pot leaf poster and put it on your door. She"ll figure it out. If not tell her you really wish there were more little Debbie Swiss rolls at 1 am.
    If that doesn't work ask her if she knows where to grab a quick dub.
    Seriously though, some variation on the poster thing will get the hint accross. Or leave a pc on and a medical mj page open. Something
    Like that

    The Dank Knight
  11. Whenever I was living with my parents I started talking about Marijuana a lot and asking questions about it.

    One day my parents told me that I could smoke on 3 conditions, I could only smoke on Fri-Sun, I had to keep my grades up, and as long as I didn't bring any other harder (unmentionables) into the house that it was fine.

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    but then when she flips out and tells you not to do it, you'll be fucked.
    just hide it like everyone else does til you get caught..
    my .02 anyway.
  13. good idea.
    50/50 chance youll be hella fucked and regret it. on one hand, you get it off you chest and can smoke whenever you want around your mom or something. on the other hand, she starts being a huge bitch about it until you stop out of fear of losing your mind. lol
  14. Alright man I gotta an honest answer for you. For the longest time my mom didn't know I smoked until y dad caught me with my Facebook still logged in talking to the dealer. So right away he told my mom. At this point I jut told my mom, and I said to her I could be doing worse stuff, and I basically told her I will do it whether she likes it or not. So right away she accepted it and asked me to promise not to do worse drugs, and I haven't..

    Just be honest man, she's your ma and if she doesn't understand then she never will, so just tell her how it is.. That's the best way man

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  15. You smack her in the face and say "bitch I smoke dro, just thought you should know." Then you give her a hug and go to your room. You'll be grounded for quite some time.
  16. I feel so bad all you people whos mums don't let them smoke, my moms policy has always been if I kept my grades up I could smoke, great terms. I remember my first smoke with my mom..she's a human rolling machine.

    Bird + Weed + Papers = Good time
  17. if you live at home or are under 18 years old.....don't tell her yet. it could fuck up a good thing that you already have. so many blades have done that and fucked themselves up for doing it!
    if those two things don't apply, then this is what you do.....
    invite her out into the back yard, talk to her and tell her whats up. i recommend twisting up a spleef while you are doing it. don't be all afraid or nervous and for fuck sakes act like a man when you tell her. remember, you're TELLING her not asking her, so don't be a pussy.
    at this point 1 of three things will happen:
    1) she will snatch that sleef, light it and then "puff, puff, pass". not having a problem at all.
    2) she wont smoke the spleef with you but still wont have a problem.
    3) she will not be ok with it and will do anything from freaking the fuck out / losing her shit to being completely disappointed with you.
    if you are not prepared to face any of those then don't say anything because you will be fucking up a good thing for yourself. when i told my mom i was nonchalant about it and didn't care one way or the other about how she felt about it. actually she caught me. but because i acted just like i recommend you act, she couldn't take it away from me. i didn't give her the choice and either should you. as far as i am concerned it wasn't her business then nor is it her business now.
    to be honest though, i bet she smokes on occasion with your pops or a girl friend of hers. i would look through her stuff to see if you can get a bit of evidence. i don't mean break her trust or her privacy, i mean to look around a bit. because if, and i say if with a grain of salt, she smokes, evidence will be easily found. i mean, look how you hide your stash. use  the same logic and see what you find.
  18. My one buddy was afraid to tell her mom, now they smoke together. 
    I don't see it being an issue, like having cancer or anything where you have to sit them down and tell them.
    If they ask, don't deny it, but you don't have to sit them down and have a talk about smoking weed. 
    If you still feel obligated to do so just be like "Mom... I'm hooked on Chronics" 
  19. I came out of my woods one afternoon agter smoking my mom asked me do I get high up there everyday? I said yup and that was that lol

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    If your over 18, have a job or going to school or both then you could tell her, if your being productive and smoking i don't see the problem. If your freeloading off your mom ( no job, no rent, not going to school ,getting money for weed from her, shit like that) then don't. My mom found my bong and acted like she already knew i smoked, but i was in school and working at the time so she was alright with it. All depends on your current situation. But if you don't have to tell her, don't let her know lol.

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