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How do I tell my friend he's smoking dirt..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by CaLLmeVince, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Friend of mine bought this for 130..

    He claims it's "Loud", but to me it looks like dog shit....

    So, he wants to know, was it a good buy or not?

  2. Not unless that's an ounce. :(
  3. Just show him a pic of what real dank looks like.
  4. No way that's dank, how much did he get for 130?
  5. Idk man. Never judge a book by its cover. My dad was telling about a time when he was younger he got a sack from this dude for like $100 (not sure on quantity). But he said it looked like some DIRT with stems and FILLED with seeds. But he said that shit got him higher than he has ever been in his life. He said he was sitting on the couch and had to get up and move around to make sure he was still alive.

  6. looks aren't everything man, buy him a dime or dub of some top shelf and compare it?

    Some of the shittiest looking weed can be the best believe it or not :smoke:
  7. Can't see too many seeds and it looks like it coudl be an ounce.

    Depending on where he's at thats fair for mids. An oz of dank in that area would probably be more than double (i.e. $300+)
  8. Show him a pic of some dank and say now look at yours, dog shit
  9. We need to know quantity and some better quality close up pics to get a better sense of whether or not thats worth $130 or not
  10. [quote name='"CaLLmeVince"']Friend of mine bought this for 130..

    He claims it's "Loud", but to me it looks like dog shit....

    So, he wants to know, was it a good buy or not?


    I lol at your second sentence and was even gonna add it to my sig .....

    But then I seen the pic ...... And it's does look like dog shit .......

    And it just put me in shock
  11. #12 fancypantsdawg, Oct 26, 2013
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    Shit, this made me laugh. Curious to know, was it good weed or not? Like someone said, don't judge a book by its cover. Although a cover does tend to say SOMETHING about the book.
    EDIT- just saw the dates to the post. Guess I'm late to the party.
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  12. #13 0ri0n, Oct 26, 2013
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    Smoke it and find out. Looks can be deceiving.
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  13. "your weed is dirt".. now, was that hard? 
    Btw that weed is fucking disgusting
  14. Take the joint from his mouth and throw it down.

    Pull a dub of some good shit and smoke it with him.
  15. I'm guessing OP already smoked some of it by now...
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  16. Make edibles with offence but it probably tastes like ass :(
  17. It's mexican brick weed. Definitely not loud, but it might make loud popping sounds when burning if you dont take all the seeds out.
  18. thats definitely NOT brick weed it may be mexican weed but brick weed is actual brick shapped and when its decompressed it never turns out like that. and i have had landrace weed that looked a lot shittier than this but was still nice weed just because it was from a foerign country, all natural and exotic. so who knows, as long as its not covered in pesticide or filled with plastic, it should be good. looks like an ounce about, so a decent quantity for 130. if it smells good, then probably a decent buy. to be honest ive gotten much better ounces for 130 but its not dirt neccessarily.
  19. Oh god, its been fucking forever since I seen Bobby Brown like that.

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