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How Do I Tell If I Am Addicted To Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sc0pe, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. i havent had it for about 2 weeks and ive really wanted some the last few days, i cant tell if its some sort of addiction or if i just like getting high alot

    but i seem to start craving weed about a week after not smoking

    i got a bunch of things i want to do stoned so i dont really know whether its because i want to do those things or just to be high again
  2. Well when you suck your dealers dick for a gram?you cant be addicted to weed man..
  3. You have gone 2 weeks without toking. Therefore you arent addicted to weed.
  4. Well ive basically gone this long because i havent had access to any weed

    if i did i probably wouldve smoked
  5. I havent smoked in a month because im looking for a  job (drug tests still real here in WA even though its legal) and I really want to smoke too. You just want to do something because you havent done it in a while. Thats not addiction, thats  just the way it is with a lot of things.
  6. yeah i was just looking for a job to, found one a few weeks ago, i havent started yet but im pretty sure this job doesnt require a drug test or anything
    good to hear that its not an addiction anyway
  7. are you having withdrawal symptoms? have you woke up in the bathroom on the floor with a bud shoved up your butt? if you are having these symptoms you might have a problem. other than that it is in your head.

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