How do i tell a guy he was really bad without being a complete bitch?

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  1. Man, one guy i fucked was REALLY bad..
    He couldn't last at all.
    He would always have me on top.
    It sucked.
    and when he ate me out.
    it kinda hurt.. lol
    So wtf do i do?
    He wants to do it again..
    but i dnt want too lol
    I gave him good head.
    I atleast deserve better then what he gave me.
    Maybe it isn't his fault.
    Who knows?
    Does anyone know what i can tell him without being to meean about it?
    and btw,
    Im dnt wanna make any guys feel bad about there performances or anything..
    Im just in some akward shit.. lol
  2. just give him some direction and make sure he listens to you. maybe he just needs someone to lead him by the proverbial "hand" ??
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    It's simple really, just don't be a bitch about it. Guide him and show him the ropes.

    I remember my first time was with a lady who was over 20 years older than me (long story) and she pretty well showed me the ways, I never felt offended at one time as she was very sweet about it. (do this, try it like that, .)

    Now I got that shit down like a science.

    I don't think he should be offended because the better it is for you, the better it will be for him.

    but even my first time I held it in for 4+ hours, strange I know, but it kept the learning process going. a few weeks after getting funky with her I knew what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and where to do it. She showed me everything from eating her out, to different positions.
  4. Nah she is not a cougar, I've known her for years before it all went down, and I'm still her friend today.

    We took a few week trip to canada just about a month ago, and orlando for two weeks before that.

    Just a close friend of mine.
  5. :hello: This.
  6. hahahahahahha XD made my morning :)
  7. Well, if you were on top most of the time isn't it kinda your fault if it was bad? :confused_2:

    I can't understand how getting eaten out could possibly hurt.
    Just gonna go out on a limb here and say I'm confused haha

    Anyway, If you don't wanna fuck him again, don't-- but don't blame it on him if you were the cowgirl and he was the bull :eek:
  8. just go slow with him next time and show him how to do it the way you like, he may be good just doesn't know how you like it

  9. "I gave him good head. I at least deserve better than what he gave me."

    At least he ate you out. A lot of guys won't do that, they get theirs and leave. It seems like this one was willing to try and you wrote him off as though he didn't give a shit that you gave him head and his only goal was to give you shitty head.

    Did he tell you the head was good? How did you know he isn't thinking the same about you right now?

    I think maybe you should just tell him to be more gentle and that you maybe want to mix up the sex positions. Also, stop being so selfish in the bedroom, sister. That's part of your problem.
  10. Take command
  11. if he cant last he cant last, simple as that, you can change everything else about him just by taking command like the other guy said.
  12. Did he have braces?

    Just tell dude to get it real wet and he needs to do a better job next time. I doubt he thinks he's a pro and that he did you really good. Just tell him do it better this time. I'm sure he'll find what you like and maybe he has potential to be a Hugh Jackman.
  13. you can type so i assume you can speak. just instruct him on what to do. nothing wrong with a helping hand *pun intended*:p
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    If I had to guess this is probably partially your fault. Did you say "ouch" while he was eating you out or did you just let him keep doing it? I would be surprised if you told him it hurt and he continued doing it the same way.

    Most of the replies so far seem to be assuming that you will give the guy another shot, but you said you didn't want to. If you really don't want to, then just tell him that you don't want to because he was not very good. Just be honest, and give him some verbal pointers about things he did wrong.

    Be specific; don't just say "You were really bad." Tell him things like "When you ate me out you weren't gentle enough and it hurt" or "you should get on top or try other positions sometimes."

    As guys, we try to gauge your reactions to see what you like and what you don't like. But if you pretend that you're enjoying it, how are we supposed to know what we're doing wrong?

    I would rather have a girl tell me right away that she doesn't like what I'm doing, even if it totally kills the mood. That's better than her leaving to go tell other people that I suck in bed, meanwhile leaving me oblivious.
  15. Show him this post. Copied from a PM I sent to a fellow blade in response to a thread about porn.

    Reverse Kegels move all your internal junk away from the prostate which is your orgasm button. If nothing pushes the button you won't orgasm.

    "Ok, so you know the standard PC exercise, clenching the muscles to stop the flow of piss/make your dick jump.

    Reverse PC imagine you're taking a big dump and you're trying to force it out. That's the best way I can describe it, if you're doing it right you'll be holding your breathe and clenching your stomach muscles at the same time.

    There are a few exercises you can do like. Holding your standard PC for 5 seconds and then release and do 10 quick clenches. Repeat this until your PC is on fire basically.

    One I like to do that tests the whole "range" of PC muscle motions. I clench the PC as normal and then instead of just letting it relax I do the Reverse right from there, forcing it to flex in a different way from the clenched standard PC. Imagine stopping your flow of piss and then trying to force it out immediately after."

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