how do i stop soil from drying out?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gr0wer, May 2, 2003.

  1. my plant is now in a box under my bed and the temp is 90* ive been keepin the door open as much as is safe and teh soil is rock hard when i come home from shchool everyday what should i do? is there anything i can put on he top of the soil to keep the moisture in? should i transplant it in a biger pot with better soil thast holds water better?
  2. What kind of soil are you using, get some potting soil with peatmoss i water my plants once every three days and it is still a little moist after three day Hope this helps
  3. Ya sounds like a soil problem to me, I try to get the best storebought that I can find, not much more than regular potting soil but much better. It should hold moisture for at least 2-3days.

    I faithfully use "Shultze premium potting soil Plus"
  4. Also you say a box under your bed? Man I hope your bed is 4' off the ground. If that box is that small and is getting that hot it does not sound good to me.
  6. Yea i ve been worrying about it with the heat so ive been building a box to replace a styrofoam box that a radio shack rc truck came in. Im going to put the rc cardboard box cover over the plywood grow box and it will be stealth. Im putiing a small computer fan it int to circulate the air and one to suck in fresh air expeling the exhaust air out through a carbon filter. also my bulbes were making more heat than light but doday i went to home depot picked up some poting soil withthe foam balls and peat moss looks like what i need and a 75 watt curley "daylight" floro. The box should be more than enough for what i need now.
  7. but if you still get that problem, just cover the dirt with plastic so it doesn't have direct light. but it might get mold on the dirt then. but it should dry up so bad.
  8. you'll need to lower the temp also....that will help....90 degrees is way too high.......down to 70-80.......Peace out.......Sid

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