how do I start working out?

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  1. sounds stupid but I don't really know how to go about getting in shape to get the results i want.

    to start off i'm 5'8 and aroudn 145 pounds. i'm not fat i'm actually really skinny looking but I have a tiny bit of a pot belly I don't like.

    also I have skinny ass arms and I upper body so i basically want to lose the little pot bells I have and get bigger arms/ chest so I don't look like a 12 year old boy.

    i'm not looking to get huge or to be super buff or anythign I just want to get a bit bigger and muscular and have a flatter stomach.

    so how do I go about this. I was going to join a gym but i have no clue what exercises to do or how often to go or how long i'm suppose to work out for.

    I also don't really eat junk food and I drink mostly water instead of pop or whatever.

    should I start eating that protein powder crap when wokring out. I'm pretty confused lol.

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    My general guidelines:

    Don't go to hard on yourself right away, joining a gym immediately isn't the wisest decision. Stay home, do some push ups, crunches, chin ups if you can.

    If you're goal is to get muscular but not buff I suggest lean meats such as turkey and tuna.

    Also when you start weightlifting, it's good to know about reps, in general, doing less reps with a higher weight, the stronger you will get. While doing more reps with less weight will give you that definition I think you're looking for.

    My honest opinion on protein powders? Nature can do better.
  3. I recommend planning what you'll do at the beginning of the week and having a set time that's consistently free in ur schedule. set up only to do what you CAN currently do (if you dont know try). also, do what will really get you the results you want.

    more desire=more willpower
    more difficulty=less willpower

    it's about balancing difficulty and willpower
  4. thanks. I thought about that too, doing pushups at home for a few weeks to gain strenghth and endurance before going to the gym and lifting weights.

    I think the hardest thing is getting rid of my pot belly. I see a lot of guys that work out and have big arms and upper body but still a pot belly which imo looks gross.

    I can't really do chinups at my house lol. but i can do pushpups and crunches I guess.

    i'm pretty weak right now 20 pushups is the max I can do then i'm exhausted adn can't do anymore until I rest for a while.
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    Just do sets of push ups with about a minute and a half to 3 minutes rest between each set (depending on your endurance level). I usually do 4 sets of 25 push ups a day, and I strive to raise that number. Go to your local walmart, they should have some chin up bars that fit right in a doorway. The most important piece of advice I can give to you is to control your breathing during a workout, it makes all the difference.
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    The reason protein powders are called supplements is because they are supposed to SUPPLEMENT your diet. If you use a protein powder, I suggest only using it after a workout, to help repair your muscles. You mainly want to get your nutrients from good healthy foods. Eggs, MILK, chicken, tuna, whole grain bread, veggies and fruits.

    For your chest - If you feel comfortable lifting weights, go to the gym and bench press. Start out with just the bar and if that's too easy, gradually add on 5 pounds until you find your sweet spot. Learn to love pullups and pushups, they can get you super toned. If bodyweight pushups and pullups get too easy, throw on a backpack with some heavy books, that will be guarenteed to blow your muscles.

    Good luck my man

    OH and for those skinny arms of yours, do chinups (palms facing you) this will target your biceps. For triceps (which take up 2/3 of your arm) Do pushups with your hands close together or do close grip bench press. For harder pushups, put your feet elevated on a chair and your hands on the floor.
  7. This. Nao.
  8. thanks guys.

    so I shouldn't join a gym just yet?

    I try to eat healthy but i'm a student still so I don't make much money. when i'm at work I try not to go to fast food joints and get somethign like sushi or a wrap or go to subway or whatever isntead of mcdonalds or kfc .

    in the morning i'm usually in a rush sometimes i'll eat like 2 eggs.

    I don't eat dairy. I get back acne and I heard dairy makes it worse so I stopped eating all dairy for a year now.

    I drink soy milk instead and take calcium supplements. but i eat no cheese sour cream, milk etc.

    no one mentioned how to get rid of a pot belly. its not that i'm overweight but any fat I put on seems to just go to my stomache. i'm really skinny but still have a pot belly. not huge or anythign but still.

    to get rid of a pot belly I heard you have to reduce your bod fat but i don't want ot lose weight so how do I just reduce my body fat?
  9. You can't lose fat without losing weight unless you put muscle on in its place... you might find that you'll have better results going for gaining muscle now (bulking) and reducing your fat later (cutting)

    I would advise you to join a gym; but if your school is any good at all it should have a gym or weight room that you can use. If you're going the compound lifts route, which I recommend, all you'll really need is an olympic bar and some weights.
  10. Diet is the most important part of gaining/bulking. If your diet sucks or isn't sufficient, all your time in the gym will be wasted.

    You're gonna want to eat a fuckload of:
    steel-cut oats
    100% whole wheat pastas (bread, rice)
    quinoa (optional, but it's incredibly nutritious)
    almond/peanut butter (almond butter is the shit!)
    cottage cheese
    and be sure to have a good multi to have a well-rounded, complete nutrition intake (personally I like Now ADAM)

    drink at least half a gallon of milk every day

    diet is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING, i cant stress that enough. i've heard so many people say "dude i spend so much time in the gym and i do everything for months but i just can't make any gains"
    'cause your damn diet sucks man!

    once you get your food spot-on, follow rippetoe's IMO. its great for starters and will really make you some great core gains to get your body started in gaining muscle
  11. I don't eat dairy.......

    I drink soy milk lol and no cheese etc.

    I eat like 2 eggs and whole wheat bread for breakfast. I have a lunch like rice and chicken or stir fry or whatever.

    dinner I make a meal sometimes like steak and potatoes or if i'm tired i'll make like a sandwich, like tuna etc. I probably drink 2 cups of soy milk (cus i don't eat dairy) and I try not to eat junk food like pop or whatever.

    I think I don't eat enough to bulk up.

    I am also genetically small framed and skinny so its hard to get big I think but with a proper diet and exercise I'm sure I can go from being tiny to a bit bigger.
  12. If you're eating 2 eggs and some toast for breakfast, you're quite obviously not eating enough to gain. Try switching that up to 4 eggs and some oatmeal for starters. Same idea with lunch and dinner, and try to snack in between with nuts (almonds are great for this) and sandwiches. Keep the calories flowing in, buddy!

  13. Do you have a dairy allergy or something? Because if not you should switch to full fat milk if you want to bulk up. Drink a gallon a day if you can afford it. Plenty of red meat, eggs, and carbohydrates. Eat plenty of fruit too, especially bananas and apples. Basically though, if you're skinny you're not eating enough, regardless of genetics.

    As for weight training, which is mandatory if you want to gain muscle and not just get fat, I'd recommend Starting Strength or, if you're up for a challenge, Stronglifts. Stronglifts gets fucking hard after a couple months though. It's worth it though.
  14. yeah I don't want to get fat. I already need to lose body fat even though i'm skinny...... i have a little bit of a pot belly so i need to lose body fat ?

    but i'm not fat at all really skinny.

    yeah I don't drink milk because I get some acne (I use topical atibiotic cream which controls it) and I read a dermatological report on dairy being linked to acne (hormones in milk) so i stopped eating all dairy like a year ago.

    also 4 eggs everyday seems a bit unhealthy no?

    today I had 2 eggs, whole wheat bread, sausages for breakfast. a steak sandwhich for lunch and dinner not sure what i'm going to eat, maybe tuna sandwhich or something.

    I eat snacks too like fruit, vegetables etc.
  15. Eggs are not unhealthy. Please please please don't believe the cholesterol propaganda surrounding them.

    Anyways, you need to pick whether you want to lose fat or gain muscle. Trying to do both at this point will be extremely demoralizing because it takes a long time to see results.
  16. hmm I thought eating too much of anythign is pretty much unhealthy.

    like drinking a gallon of milk a day is not healthy......
  17. A gallon of milk is almost 2000 calories, while 4 eggs is <400. How can you compare those two? Even if your point is true, it definitely doesn't apply here
  18. people have already said it, but start with fullbody compound lift routines. Do squats and deadlifts, cleans if you know how, bench and military press, lunges, and pullups. Don't just work out your chest and arms because you're prone to injury that way, you need to workout every part of your body so that you don't have any weak spots.

    That being said, I suggest only working out maybe 3 times a week, maybe twice, but you gotta do some intense fullbody routines. I, as well as others on this board, could spit fact after fact about nutrition, freeweights vs. machines, supplementation, and some finer topics like HIIT or various lifting programs like 5x5, but we all learned this the hard way, trying to improve our physical fitness and general knowledge of health.

    Check out, its a supersite with a shitload of articles about just about goddamn everything you could hope to know. Wanna know about ATP, glycogen stores, fast and slow twitch muscle fibers or what have you? Have a fucking field day. Working out becomes more than just a task, it becomes a hobby and a lifestyle, get motivated and get pumped bro, just get in there and do it. Shoot first ask questions later, just don't injure yourself and use proper form
  19. Sorry for the double post, but heres some more info, milk, if its skim, is completely healthy, for it is just water that is white with 8 grams of protein and 13 grams of carbs per 8 oz, and fyi chocolate milk has been shown to be one of the best post workout recovery drinks (look up a 4 to 1 carb to protein ratio, crucial for mass building)

    and horfinator said you should choose between muscle building or weight loss, but in fact, weightlifting over time boosts your metabolism, as having more muscle than fat will require more energy to be supplied to your muscles, which means your energy (caloric intake son) will be depleted faster. That being said, you can do research and learn that weightlifting promotes fat loss, but ultimately fat loss is gonna be due to your nutrition and your through your exercise

    so basically don't worry about losing your gut, if you do weight training, that combined with some cardio will definitely help you out

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