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How do I smoke wax?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by bobby82, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. Yooo GC que pasa mis amigos? Ahright so i just bought a bowl for my bubbler to smoke concentrates. Its my first time using wax. The fine young lady at the smoke shop said torch the bowl til it glows then dab the stuff. Is the glass supposed to literally start to glow? I held the torch there for like 3 mins and the blue flame turned orange and i assumed that was the "glow" and I dabbed some wax in there. I did get a hit and I am very high from a lil dab. I love this damn stuff already. But my question is: did i dab too soon or just right? And since yall my nigguhs and I abide by the o'l GC code "pic or it didnt happen" here ya go :bongin:
  2. Nice bubbler man, looks beautiful.

    Just hold the torch on the glass till it slightly changes color. I think 3 minutes is a little much and could possibly damage the glass after many uses.
  3. The glass doesn't necessarily need to glow. After a while, you'll get the feel of how long you need to torch it. It's a TON less than 3 minutes. Maybe 30 seconds tops.
  4. Ahhhh ok. Thanks guys. i'll try again today.
  5. A minute should do it nothing worse than not getting it hot enough then you'll just have a sloppy wasted mess should look for a Ti pad or a nail instead of that vapor globe
  6. Hell yeaa got that same ihome. kicks ass
  7. The time is going to depend on the strength of the lighter you're using, is that a swing or it's just a glass bowl you heat up? I've not seen that,

    Anyway, concept is the same with nail or swing or hammer all the same, I've had lighters that will get my swing hot in 30~ I've had ones that will take a bit longer maybe 40sec to a minute, your lighter doesn't look like it's one that's going to burn that hot so I'm guessing you'll have to be on the longer side, you can get good cheap torch lighters at like home depot, and get the good butane it just makes it faster it's worth it IMO, plus it's way cleaner.

    The general idea is just to get it glowing orange (glass will break after so many uses, titanium is better), I tend to hit the dab maybe a second or three after I stop the lighter kind of when the orange is about to start fading, you'll get a good idea after a bit of use of how much you like, how hot you like your hits, etc.

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