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How do I smoke in the shower?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheMissile, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. People say to turn your shower on and open a window, then blow smoke into the shower so that the steam takes it outside. I try this (and it works!) but if I smoke for more than 5 minutes or so, my lighter feels damp and I stop. If I smoke for a long time in the bathroom, will it ruin my lighter or weed?
  2. It's a lighter, not gold. Just smoke outside or in your room. Why are you so compelled to smoke in your shower?
  3. Waste of water, that goes on your water bill.
  4. No the best thing to do is first roll up a damp towel and throw it under the door crack. Then turn the shower as hot as it can go and steam up the place. After that, open up the window and blow hits out of it then remain showering. Once showered, close the window and remove the towel. Brush your teeth and fix your hair; now you can start your day!

  5. This. I never understood why people would rather smoke in a room that would be used by others, versus their room which is much more private. I think people think it's foolproof. But you still see plenty of "got caught smoking in shower" threads, so I question that a bit.
  6. I don't see why not smoke in your own room. I mean, I understand if your living at home with parents and they don't agree with being happy, but if you are resorting to smoking in your shower, maybe just roll up a quick b and waltz down the street.
  7. Agreed agreed.

  8. I love how many people are like "I'll use some shampoo to get rid of the smell."

    Really? It's shampoo, not some kind of goddamn magical smell-remover.
  9. i smoke in my bath lol
  10. gais the steam gets rid of the smell obvi

  11. Well I have a window i can open xP
  12. I smoke in the bedroom, why would you want to do it in the shower?
  13. Just do small one hitters from your pipe in your room so you get all the smoke in your lungs, then blow it out of your window through a tube.
  14. Simply impossible. In order to light one up, one needs to be in a dry environment which showering consist of liquid substance, called water. Water, paper and wet weed won't work.
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  15. i don't think he meant literally light up while in the shower, but rather running the shower while he smokes in the bathroom.

    it always worked for me while living with my mom, just hopping in the shower after the sesh makes for a good time
  16. Lmao most people worry about the smell and your tripping out about your lighter going bad.. if your not actually hoppin in the shower then put it in your pocket

    and id imagine you would don't want water on your joint eithe..
  17. I smoke in the shower. I loved it. Use too all the time. Now just smoke before. Easier. If your showers too hot, you can't really smoke.
  18. A sploof will always be easier and more effective than a shower imo.
  19. I think steppin outside is the best idea.. but, i wouldn't be worried about anything. I used to spark a joint, turn some music on, and turn the shower on when I smoked... nothing ruined.
  20. turn the temperature down on the shower til your done. then it won't dampen your shit. let the steam in once you finish.

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