How do I smoke a chillum

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  1. I have smoked a bowl or "spoon" before, a bong, and a joint.. But I personally have never smoked a chillum.

    I plan on buying one this week, and was hoping somebody could just tell me how to hit it. Or atleast give me some similarities/differences compared to other smoking devices.

    The only thing I know about a chillum is the shape. Thats basically it.

    Any help is appreciated :)
  2. You inhale. A chillim just won't have any sort of carb.
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    Ha, I've got some blurred double vision going on from some roxicet right now, and when I first read the title I thought it said "how do i smoke children'

    Haha, how silly me, everyone knows how you smoke children, why would I even think that was the thread title.

    Oh, and heres how a chillum works, say this is the chillum =======. You put weed in one end, and inhale through the other, it's just a pipe thats totally strait.

    mouth here > ====== <weed/flame here
  4. Depends. Do you want to smoke it in the traditional sense, or the way that the majority does. I'll go so far as to say that most people that are using a chillum are wrong.

    [ame=]YouTube - Chillum in India - Vada Canal[/ame]

    However, if you've got a smaller chillum I can see how it would be difficult to smoke in the traditional way.
  5. We used to call these chimneys in high school. I made a cool little one out of some pipe I found and fucker got me high as fuck..
  6. i need a new one, mine broke:( they're so handy.

  7. thery are awesome for concerts...pretty much the only place i use small, so easy to sneak into venues
  8. You pack your chillum with bud, most likely there will also be a screen in there if you don't feel like catching ash in your mouth. You ignite a lighter and bring the flame up to said plant material and inhale.

    You just took a hit!

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