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how do i sleep?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by panicandrew, May 10, 2010.

  1. i can't afford as much bud as i could before
    so now i can't smoke every night..
    this is my first night in a long time without being burnt out or high
    it's 6:23am... I CAN NOT SLEEP!

    i've been trying to sleep over and over and over again
    but i just can't

    ugh.. any tips?
  2. try reading mate! on the odd occasion that i dont have my bedtime joint helps me a bit but then it's the dreams!
  3. Man I have insomnia like fuck too. Since I can't smoke currently what I do is turn the lights off and play X-box for about 30 minutes. Then if I'm not tired I turn check the backlight on my iPod to always stay on. Then I lay down listening to music. Laying in bed with a light right there for some reason makes one sleepy as hell.
  4. I have no clue. But it's really annoying. Working out to the point of exaustion at least 4 hours before bedtime(working out too close to bedtime causes insomnia) and It's usually a little easier.
  5. yeah, didn't even need to get up this morning and I can't sleep either so I feel ya.

    Been dry for a couple of days. Sucks...

    Once I get used to having no bud, there is no way I am going back to smoking every night. I need to practice natural sleep a bit more I think.
  6. Sleeping pills maybe.. ?
  7. Playing video games before bed time doesn't help. Especially if you're playing first person non stop action shooters. All it will do is make you more awake, that's why it's best to read, listen to calm music or a slow movie before sleeping.

  8. no sleeping pills r fucked up
    what i usally do is drink some warm milk and listen to some clasical music like betoven shit:)
  9. Melatonin pills.. Go to local cvs
  10. I would try taking a couple tylenol pm's, have a glass of milk and a pbj sandwich, turn on adult swim and just let your mind go blank
  11. [ame=]YouTube - Relax Music 1[/ame]
  12. For me I had this problem until I finally just learned how to get myself to sleep while sober, it can take a while and it's a major bitch at first but the longer you're without weed the easier it gets for me. I have found forcing myself to daydream once I'm tired and laying in bed does the trick, you need to get your mind really clear and the only way I can do that is by daydreaming a little story or something, it gets harder and harder for me to do this the older I get cause I just can't fantasize like I used to haha but once I get a story going I'm out like a light.
  13. JUst lie perfectly still and you should fall asleep. Properly still, don't move at all. If you don't fall asleep then you'll end up having awesome waking dreams which at least keep you entertained.
  14. Go get some advil pm, nyquil pm, or take a few xanax. Also, if you eat before you go to bed, you will be sleepier. Just eat ice creme or something.
  15. ^^^ Eat before bed, but not Ice cream. Try not to eat something with a lot of sugar in it.
  16. Eating before bed helps. If you have it, a shot of nyquil always does the trick for me. Used to use melatonin but I get the groggy hangover from it pretty bad. I got that sleep paralysis shit twice while on it too so haven't touched the stuff for a while. Have friends who swear by it though.
  17. I have had the same problem. Whenever I tried to fall asleep I couldn't. So I stopped trying, n tried staying up as long as I could. Kinda reverse psychology. It worked. Also I just switched to a vape n am taking a t break cuz I'm dry. But this has been hands down the easiest break I have ever takin. Sleep wise and not needing to smoke to sleep. Or vape to sleep I guess. In my opinion its the more clear high that has made that possible but I could be wrong. By the way I've been smoking every night for like 6 months before this "t break".

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